Monday, May 19, 2008

Matawan Borough Council Mtg 5/19 @ 7:30pm

At the Borough Council meeting tonight the Borough Attorney and the Labor Attorney will be appointed. Can't help but wonder if the rates of the new Borough Attorney are the same as Pat Menna, Esq. rates? Well, the Democratic majority say it is. We don't believe they want to tell us the truth! Somehow, some way Matawan is getting screwed. Wonder if we will hear what the attorney fees were from last year for the Redevelopment Attorney, the Labor Attorney, etc.
Redevelopment is going no where fast so we will be interested in hearing what it cost. Now if Redevelopment was in progress, the Developer would pay for the Attorney fees. As the Democratic majority has held up planning any Redevelopment, who will be paying for these fees? We all know the Redevelopment attorney is the same one who represented the Monmouth County Democratic Party's (Vic Scudieri) lawsuit to get Mike Cannon on the ballot. What work could they have done last year to incur an invoice? Perhaps we will find out tonight.

We find it amusing that Councilman Mullaney insists we have an Environmental Attorney on board just in case we need him. Isn't it in the Council's control to require the assistance of an Environmental attorney much like they did the Redevelopment Attorney last year? Wonder what the rates for an Environmental Attorney are on an hourly basis. One phone call could rack up a nice bill. Our question is if such a need arises wouldn't we request bids prior to hiring an Environmental Attorney? Didn't the Council vote against sending out for bids when they appointed Maser Consulting to do an expensive project? Does that sound prudent? Does that sound like we are pinching pennies?

Please don't tell us this is just politics? When we are told the Council is "pinching pennies" and appoints Attorneys, Planners, Engineers who are charging us more, not less. That isn't responsible government....does that sound like pay back?

Hope to see you at the meeting.....

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