Thursday, May 15, 2008

Matawan Borough Council Workshop 5/15 @ 7pm

Tonight there will be a Borough Council Workshop meeting at 7pm(better known as the "Clash of the Titans." ) The Agenda hasn't been posted. However, we believe discussions may include the School Board Budget, outcome of attorney review, progress on agreement for new Police Chief, relocation of Borough Court to name a few.
At each meeting Councilman Mendes and/or Councilman Mullaney attempts to place items on the upcoming Council Agenda without researching all the details. We trust that they have learned their lesson so as to prevent the outbursts of the last meeting. We suggest discussions with the Mayor prior to possibly placing the Borough in jeopardy. OOOOOOOOOOOOOh no, did we say discuss with the Mayor? In order to save time and money, the Council must communicate with each other, not just the Dems trying to add Resolutions during a Council meeting, but all the Council working in unison. Mayor Buccellato needs to stand strong to prevent the novice Council people from endangering the Borough. All of this is prohibiting the Borough from moving forward. The Democratic majority needs to communicate with the Mayor and not try to "slam dunk" last minute Resolutions. We all know they have the majority, thus the power, so let's keep in mind, is this the legacy they want to be remembered for in Matawan.
We have witnessed the Democratic majority attempting their electioneering at Council meetings. They present an ambitious program of moving the Court, the Police, Road Program, Gravelly Brook Park and so on. The only question is "WHERE ARE THEY GETTING THE MONEY?" Don't believe there is a taxpayer in Matawan (Republican, Democrat, Independent) who wants to see their taxes increased. How are they preparing us for next year's Budget? Did Councilman Cannon learn from the problems he inherited from his predecessor when the 2007 Expenses had to be paid from the 2008 Budget? Will Matawan be prepared to avoid this from happening in 2009?
We apologize for going on a tangent, however, it is disheartening to witness the Council's banging heads and preventing progress being made. Matawan needs a Council that works together regardless of what political party they belong....what they must remember is "they work for us, the residents of Matawan."
To those who believe we are bashing the Democratic majority, we are, at this time they are the ones who are delaying progress in the Borough and costing us money. If the Republicans were pulling these antics we would criticize them. We do try to be fair.


Anonymous said...

Posted last Friday

matawan advocate said...

Thank you. Checked the website and didn't see it this am. Could be a glitch in the system.

Anonymous said...

Why weren't you unhappy when the Republicans were running this town into shambles for 40 years??? "NOW" when its to late top save, its the Democrats fault!!! Get a life!!

matawan advocate said...

We deal in the here and now. Although we would be happy to pay the taxes of 40 years ago. Are you saying that it is ok for the current majority to subject the Borough to lawsuits? Are implying that it is ok for Councilpeople to lie to residents?

It is never too late to redevelop the Borough. Do you really believe former Mayor Aufseeser could deal with all that is going on now?

It doesn't matter whether Republican or Democrat. There are stupid and smart people on both sides. That said we prefer smart people running the Borough. If you doubt what we are saying come to a Council meeting and you tell us who is inept on that Council.

Thanks for your comments.