Sunday, May 4, 2008

Matawan Borough Council's Folly

Mark your calendar people May 6, Tuesday, 7:30pm, the Matawan Borough Council is holding their Budget meeting. You can expect them to tell us how much they are doing for us with our tax dollars. How they are saving us money.....pinching pennies....the usual BS. At least at this meeting you will be able to voice your opinion. Better have your say at the first Privilege of the Floor. If the Dems don't like the comments, they simply won't vote for a second Privilege of the Floor. Only speaking from past experience.

Here are the ways they are saving us money(sic.)
Appointment of Borough Attorney - Jerald Zaro, Esq. - Ansel, Zaro, Grimm & Aaron. Replacement for Pasquale Menna, Esq. There is still a question as to how Ansel, Zaro, et al, knew of Mr. Menna's prices for the position of Borough Attorney?

Appointment of Labor attorney- The Arnette Firm - Scott C. Arnette, Esq. Why have a Labor attorney when the Council doesn't bother to follow the Collective Bargaining Agreements? Or is this for when Matawan gets sued by other Borough Employees who don't get the "cushy" package received by others outside of the Collective Bargaining Contract?

Appointment of Redevelopment Attorney/Appointment of Environmental Attorney -William W. Northgrave, Esq., McManimon & Scotland, LLC. Hey a double header!You might remember them from the Monmouth County Democratic Party case when Bunyon dropped out of running for Council and the Party sued and won to put Mike Cannon on the ballot. Why are we appointing for a second year, the same Redevelopment Attorney when no Redevelopment is expected? What non-productive work was done last year? Don't recall any progress being made on the Redevelopment Program. This is definitely appearing to be payback. Why else would the Democratic majority want to appoint the same attorneys again and just in case there is no progress on the Redevelopment Plan , they threw in the Environmental for extra measure. Talk about hedging your bets.

What environmental issues are there in Matawan to warrant hiring of an Environmental attorney? Oh that's right we forgot, is this payback for the Monmouth County Democratic Party's financial support? How much more must we taxpayers payback? When does it end?

Appointment of Borough Planner - Maser Consulting -Joseph J. Layton, PP. AICP. We
already had a Study done by Beacon Planners. That report was originally paid for with our tax dollars, lost (only former Mayor Mary Aufseeser and Council Bud Mullaney reported receiving the Report) and we have yet to utilize the plans from that Report. Now the Council wants to hire another Planner to do WHAT? Save us money.....we don't think so! Implement the Beacon Study before any more Reports, Studies, Surveys are done. Let us get our monies worth.

Some other Resolutions to be voted on will be:

Rejection and Re-bid of Water Quality Test
Authorizing the Parade Route for Memorial Day Parade
Approving the Discharge of Fireworks in the Borough to celebrate Independence Day
Authorizing the Hiring of a Part Time Recreation Director
Authorizing the appointment of Summer Program Assistant Director, Summer Recreation Program 2008
Approving funds for Flowers for Downtown Beautification
Authorizing Police Dept to administer Examination for Lieutenant
Authorizing Mayor to Proceed to Execute and Implement the Current Proposed Negotiated Agreement with the IBEW. Why bother, when the Personnel Committee makes individual agreements without the authorization of the Council?

We will say one thing for this Council, they sure know how to spend money. But remember they are doing what is best for you and you will appreciate them....Kinda makes us think of "Big Brother."

They just don't get it. Council members were voted in (excluding Bunyon, who was appointed) and can be voted out! They can also be recalled by petition, just like citizens are presently signing for Corzine.

If any of this spending bothers you, by all means come to a Borough Council Meeting and speak. We are aware that work, children, etc., take much of your time. However, your silence is interpreted as you approve of how the Council is spending your tax dollars.

Lastly, we will be interested in hearing where they are getting the money for all these attorneys, planners, etc.
Hope to see you there.


Anonymous said...

What is amazing is that the person that writes this blog keeps trying to blame the Dems for all the ills of Matawan. The downtown was over long before 2006, and the roads have been neglected for well over 20 years. Your savior Mayor seems to be on board with Councilman Cannon at the meetings as far as expenses go. I never see them quarreling about the bill list. So get off the spending bandwagon and realize, your $2500 to $3000 you pay to Matawan gets you a hell of alot of services, compared to what you get for the rest of your tax bill. Stop the bitching and start being more positive. People are getting sick of your sarcasim. By the way, after I write this, I intend to start reading books, your garbage is just wasting my time. GOOD BYE for GOOD! Oh by the way, you really need to get a life! BYE!

matawan advocate said...

Thanks for your comments. Since you will not be reading this Blog, we will explain to others that do continue to read it. The sarcasm mentioned comes from frustration. Pity you were obviously not at last night's meeting to witness what goes on.

Your reference to the Mayor being our Saviour is disrespectful to Christians.

We deal with the here and now. At last night's meeting your Democrats, Mendes, Malley and Mullaney would have put the Borough in jeopardy if not for the intervention of the Mayor. Actually, the Mayor called a recess and a total of four of the Council members (we question the legality of such a meeting, as it constitutes a quorum) were allowed to confer which included the President of the Council, Mike Cannon. By no stretch of the imagination do we consider Mike Cannon to be a stupid person. We believe he was trying to reason with his fellow council members. When the recess was over Councilman Mendes withdrew his Resolution.

Believe the Mayor and Councilman Cannon are trying to work for the best interests of the Borough. The Mayor has put a freeze on spending until we have an approved Budget. Therefore, it is a mute point. Any spending must be certified which means we need to have the money before we can spend it.

Don't understand your being so irate with this Blog, unless we have hit a nerve. Free speech is a freedom we enjoy in this Country and we will continue to express our views. Why get so upset over a Blog? Perhaps as the kids say,you should take a "chill pill."

Our position is whatever taxes we residents pay we are entitled to question the actions of those elected who have a fidicuiary responsiblity to our Borough.

The Matawan Public Library offers a great selection of books. have a happy, safe summer. said...

the question I now have is? is there a true need for New Directors of Recreation?
Will a person have a chance to Apply to such a Job,and if so HOW and where and by when?

allmost a empty nest here in Matawan,I need to do something and all my experiance with children for over 25 years,and my creative well as a past job as directors assistant to Recreation at Summer Hill Nursing Home on 516,And owner of Agape day Care In Phoenix Az.I would love to attend to the Children of Matawan!
I would hope anyone could apply and actually be considered for such a position,even if they dont know people in the Office? well what say you?