Sunday, May 4, 2008

What are the Democratic Majority Council Thinking?

Retirements - Why would the Democratic majority Council pass Resolutions for Chief McGowan and a Department of Public Works employee? Chief McGowan and the Dept of Public Works employee will both receive medical benefits for themselves and their dependents. That's right folks their dependents. In the case of Chief McGowan, he will receive medical benefits till he and his wife are eligible for Medicare. At that time, Medicare becomes primary and Matawan's benefits become secondary. Therefore, Matawan will be paying and paying and paying. McGowan will also receive payment for unused sick leave and unused vacation time. Is the majority Council aware that they set a precedent for the rest of the Public Works employees retirement. If you do it for one, then you must do it for all.

We are in favor of employees retiring. Only another Chief would appreciate what difficulties Chief McGowan encountered. But and that is a big BUT, what is wrong with the retirement package employees receive under the Union contract? Why make exceptions?

All in all we wish both the Chief and the Public Works employee all the best.

At a time when Matawan faces financial difficulties (we have all seen our taxes escalate) would the Council vote for Resolutions separate from the Union contractual benefits to employees who wish to retire? Why have collective bargaining agreements with Unions, only to have the Personnel Committee of Matawan Borough make separate deals with employees prior to the approval of the Council? WOW, has the Personnel Committee opened up a can of worms. We question the legality of going outside of the collective bargaining agreement set by the Union contract.

2008 Road Program - Why would the Council vote for the 2008 Road Program, with engineering fees already over $300,000, and that is not including the quote for the Road Program? Oil prices are already bordering on $4 to $5 a gallon. Why doesn't the Council work with the money left over from the previous Bond and perform a limited road program? Why not give the taxpayers a break? Why doesn't the Council get it? Are they trying to bankrupt Matawan?

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