Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Update to Matawan Planning/Zoning Board Mtg

Typical of this administration the Planning & Zoning Board meeting last night was a fiasco. Around 8:15pm, the meeting was rescheduled to Monday, June 18, 2007 at 7:30pm. To the chagrin of the people in attendance, there was no quorum. It boggles the mind to think of the 11 members including alternates, the Planning & Zoning Board were one person short for a quorum! Residents most affected by this Development were told there are to be no further written notice of the rescheduled meeting. It would be prudent for the Borough to post this notice on the signboards outside the Community Center and Borough Hall. At the very least, have the rescheduling published in local newspapers.

Personal observations: The Planning & Zoning Board exhibited the attitude of persons engaged in a hobby not in a functioning government body. The Developer and his entourage attended with maps, diagrams and data to make his application. The action of the Board does not encourage the Developer to negotiate with the Borough in a positive manner. The Developer spent monies to be prepared, only to be met with delay. Delay is a negative in construction. Mayor Aufseeser in her appointments to the Board used poor judgment by not placing persons with backgrounds or experience in Planning, Zoning or even construction. If we wanted a car repaired, we have a member who sells tires and a member who does body work….. We have a member who attempted to run for Borough Council last year, dropped out last minute, now is running in the upcoming election for a Borough Council seat. Amazing he was not in attendance at last night’s meeting. Mr. Bunyon you lost the opportunity to make a difference, which voters should keep in mind at election time.

Residents had an opportunity to look at the conceptual drawings of the development. While the postponed meeting delayed the progress, important issues pertaining to current resident problems could not be addressed.

Would we be facing this problem if the Redevelopment of the Transit Village had proceeded as scheduled? Thanks to Aberdeen’s Developer, Silver Oaks we will never know.

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