Friday, May 18, 2007

Council Meeting 5/15/07 Information

Correction: The Matawan Advocate on 5-14-07 incorrectly printed Borough Council meeting was for that night. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. FYI, the next meeting is scheduled for Thurs., June 7, at 7:30pm.

On to the last meeting. Mayor Aufseeser and Councilman Malley were not in attendance. Congratulations to Councilman and Mrs. Malley on the birth of their twins. As you can imagine, the twins must be keeping them quite busy. We look forward to his returning to his duties on the Council when possible.

Senior member of the Council, Councilwoman Debra Buragina, conducted the meeting in the Mayor’s absence. Highlights of the meeting were the swearing in of Probationary Patrolman Paul Ryba. Witnessed by his family, friends, fellow officers, and the Community and followed by a standing ovation. Congratulations to Patrolman Ryba and his family. Given to four young women from Girls Scouts Troop 476 was a Proclamation recognizing their commitment and achievements in the Community. Bravo!

Parking Issues: Resident Andy Lopez and neighbor, Suzie Ferrera of Union St., addressed Councilman Michael Cannon’s comments at the previous meeting. Mrs. Ferrera acknowledged that she was one of several residents of Union St. who contacted the Borough regarding parking problems. Councilman Cannon claimed he had no knowledge of the letters sent to the Borough re: parking problems, Per Cannon, parking solutions for the entire Borough is in processing and a solution will be forthcoming. Pat Menna, Esq. stated a resolution could be presented to the Council by the next meeting.

Donations to Non-Profit Organizations: Councilman Buccellato, was correct, the Matawan Alliance is not filed as a non-profit organization with the IRS. No political positioning, he presented a legitimate question for the benefit of Matawan Borough. According to reliable sources, proper procedures are being established for future charitable donations from the Borough. Kudos Councilman! Another questions re: Matawan Alliance, this is a duplication of services as Matawan has a Recreation Committee. Why give money to the Matawan Alliance that can be utilized by the Recreation Committee for summer programs for the children of Matawan? The Boy Scouts was another questionable donation. While a worthwhile group that contributes to the Community, the Boy Scouts discriminate. Not being an attorney, cannot state specifics. Doesn’t this prohibit them from accepting donations from Municipalities?

With a Budget increase of approximately $1,300,000 over last year; charitable donations are questionable and should be directed into existing Borough Committees for the good of all residents. This brings us to the FOURTH OF JULY FIREWORKS! Now here is a place for that money that certain members of the Council want to donate. Per Councilman Cannon, a final decision is pending. The bottom line is that we can have fireworks with some modifications. Doable, not impossible!

Councilwoman Buragina did an outstanding job in the Mayor's absence. She handled the position as only a seasoned Councilperson could!

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