Monday, May 21, 2007

Planning & Zoning Board mtg Mon. 5/21 @ 7:30pm

Interested in the impact the new development on Route 79 (former Sloan Paper Products property) attend a "special meeting" of the Planning & Zoning Board at 7:30 pm tonight at 201 Broad St. Matawan. Not too much publicity about this meeting, wonder if it was intentional. Residents of the immediate area and the entire Borough will be impacted by this project. If you don't have a say in this matter can't cry about it later. Don't be misled by the current Board into thinking that we taxpayers are mandated to pay for developing this property. The Developer will make money off this project not the Borough and as such should be financially responsible for development. Proceeding with caution with taxpayer monies is paramount to a successful project.

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