Thursday, May 3, 2007

Follow Up on Council Meeting 5/1/07

Andrew Lopez, a resident of Matawan, stated "there is no leadership on the Council." Truer words were never spoken! Councilman Cannon became obviously annoyed at the residents disappointment with the Council for not acting on parking matters and lack of progress in other Borough matters. Councilman Cannon chastised the resident as being the only one to attend meetings and state the problems. Has Councilman Cannon forgotten he is a public servant and responsible to the residents of Matawan? Whether it is one resident or one hundred! What exactly is Cannon's agenda? He is a resident, not a homeowner. Therefore, is not impacted to the degree homeowners are to the increases in Matawan's 2007 Budget or the Matawan-Aberdeen School Board Budget. We know, the increase is reflected in the rent paid to the landlord, we've heard it all before. The reality is it is easier to pick up and move to, let's say Florida, for a renter than it is for someone who has their life savings tied to their home in Matawan. Obviously, the financial investment in the community doesn't compare. Councilman Cannon should address Mr. Lopez' concerns with the respect and dignity a resident deserves.

Union Street got the "shaft" in what is considered to be a politically motivated decision to replace Union St. Phase II program with Little Street and Orchard Street. Apparently, the notarized petition signed by approximately 90% of Union St, requesting the paving of Union Street in its entirety wasn't considered enough of a statement. Although supported by Councilman Buccellato, Councilwoman Buragina, former Councilman Mendelsohn and former Councilwoman Gould. The current majority of the Council in what is called "a dog and pony show" haven't moved forward on the Road project, thereby losing the grant from NJ State DOT. It's called, "you loose." While they were busy with photo opts for their own egos, Matawan lost $$$$. So every time you drive down Matawan's hills and valleys (they no longer qualify as roads) thank the current Borough Council.

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