Monday, May 14, 2007

Matawan Boro Council Mtg Tonight at 7:30pm

The Borough Council meeting presumably will announce the decision on donations to the Matawan Alliance and the Boy Scouts of America. My take on these donations is that they are not to be made. Not because they aren't worthy of financial donations, personal donations would be legal. If Councilman Mullaney wishes to donate $700. from his personal funds to the Boys Scouts of America no one could object. However, Matawan Borough should not donate to any organization that descriminates. As to the Matawan Alliance, they are not registered as a non profit agnecy by the IRS thereby are not entitled to donations from the Borough. What happens to the monies they have already collected and the people who have donated in good faith to this agency? The original Downtown Matawan Alliance, since disbanded, never received money from the Borough Council, nor did they ask for it. Afterall, wasn't it the Downtown Matawan Alliance that provided the funds for the pocket park next to the Post Office?

The question is WHY are we donating money when our budget has not been adopted to date! Let's hope at the next meeting we will be enlightened as to the procedures and criteria for donations, when we can afford it.

Following this fiasco, it is time that we have the Council give details on monthly expenditures for the Borough. Why spend more money on litigation to correct a problem when it can be avoided simply by keeping a watchful eye on WHO. WHAT and HOW our tax money is being spent.

Add this to the list of reasons you might want to attend a Matawan Borough Council Meeting.

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