Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day Parade- Borough Embarrassment

Memorial Day – A day to remember those who served our Country. A day to remember those who paid the ultimate price to preserve our freedom.

WHAT IT IS NOT IS A DAY FOR POLITICKING! Mayor Aufseeser demonstrated a total disregard for our Veterans and the memory of our fallen soldiers. She used the Matawan Memorial Day Parade, to kick off her campaign for re-election. Mayor Aufseeser in a tactless maneuver gave out personalized pencils that read, "Mayor Mary Aufseeser" to the crowd as she walked the parade route. This latest demonstration of the self-serving positioning of the current administration is a smack in the face to every Veteran. Mayor Aufseeser and the Borough Council members who handed out pencils, embarrassed themselves and this Borough! Is there nothing that remains sacred!

Up for re-election, Freeholder Rob Clifton and Councilman Paul Buccellato (Mayoral candidate) participated in the Parade. Both exhibited dignity and respect for our Veterans. At least they know the proper decorum for such events!


Honest Abe said...

I hope you can keep two Republicans on your council and elect Paul Buccellato as mayor. Then come back to control next year. Sounds like those Democrats are really hurting your town. Best of luck.

(I've linked you.)

matawan advocate said...

Thanks Honest Abe. Appreciate your support and good wishes. We are looking for someone who doesn't have their own self-serving agenda. Think we found it in Buccellato. Thanks for linking us.