Friday, April 13, 2007

Who Let the Dogs Out!

A flyer from Larry O'Connell for School Board, arrived at Matawan residents homes this week. The disturbing part is that the permit to pay for it is registered to the Democratic Party! Another incident is that the Courier newspaper has copies of this weeks publication with O'Connell & Gambino's photos on the front page in the lobby of the Matawan Community Center. The article names only these two candidates espousing their credentials and merely mentions that there are actually five people running who remain nameless. Did everyone forget the School Board Elections are non-partisan? Has Jim Purcell of the Courier, who claims to be a journalist gone too far? Or is he pushing the limits of biased journalism to the max!

Is the Chairperson of the Democratic Party in Matawan, Mrs. Malley (Councilman Will Malley's wife) aware that the permit was used? If so, will she also pay for mailings for all the candidates?

Has someone found petroleum under the Historic Train Station? Because it is for damn sure our little Borough is becoming a "hot spot" for controversy. Someone is financing all these campaigns and we are questioning their motives. It certainly is not in the best interests of our children nor our Borough. Who would benefit most financially? That is the question we should all be asking.

Sheila Flamm is the only candidate challenging O'Connell for the seat on the School Board in Matawan. She is running a fair campaign dealing directly with the issues. Sheila Flamm has not tainted her campaign with cheap tricks. She is running her campaign with dignity and respect for herself as well as the other candidates. Larry O'Connell should take a page from her book!

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