Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Matawan Boro Council Mtg Tonight at 7:30pm

Issues with the Borough Council

Non-responsive Council Members - Time and time again residents ask questions or request information from our Council Members. No answers are given. The responses are, we'll get back to you or at the next meeting we will have an answer.....BUT answers, information never come. Ask for documents and you are met with delay after delay. The hope is you will go away or have a lapse of memory. Remember who refuses to communicate at election time. If you can't respond to the needs of the community, you don't belong on the Borough Council! It's not like we are asking to recite Einsteins theory of relativity or for them to solve world peace. We leave the tough questions to the Beauty Pageants.

Redevelopment - Why isn't the Council sharing its vision with the public? Aware of the litigation (Silver Oaks v. Matawan appeal) plans could be in place so that in nine (9) months we will be in a position to move forward. Council cannot discuss the litigation. They can plan ahead. This matter has been pending for many years. You might want to ask who is funding the litigation for Silver Oaks? Developers are in it for the profit, not litigation. Who has and will benefit from this delay. Well it sure as hell isn't Matawan. Whoever is backing this fiasco is no friend to Matawan. As for Aberdeen, they are progressing with or without the Transit Village. Their Mayor announced no budget increase for 2007. While Matawan is dormant, Aberdeen had new stores added along with continuing growth of their commercial tax base. Shop Rite, Stop n Shop, Bed Bath & Beyond, Sleepys, Shoe Stores compared to Matawan's C-Town. Which would you rather see a Shop Rite or a C-Town? Yes, restaurants have opened, only to replace others that closed. We wish all businesses in Matawan good luck and encourage everyone to patronize them.

Multi-family units are to be built on the old Sloane Products site Route 79. Councilman Malley and Mayor Aufseeser have expressed their concern with the increase of traffic the Transit Village will bring to our streets coupled with overburdening our schools. Their voices have been absent when it comes to what this multi-family project will do to Route 79? Wouldn't this project be better delayed? Do you really think these residents will shop in Matawan? Or will they shop at Stop N Shop, Shop Rite in Aberdeen?

Executive Session - Per a recent article in the a local newspaper, executive sessions seem to be misused. In Matawan alone it appears there is an executive session prior to each meeting, at times following meetings. Makes you wonder what is the closed door sessions all about.

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