Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Welcome to Matawan

What a disgrace! This is the vision you see when arriving in Matawan. Our historic train station is in shambles and condemned. Is this what you want visitors or for that matter is this what you want to see when in Matawan? Well, this is what you will be seeing without Redevelopment. It appears our present Borough Council doesn't see the urgency in moving forward. Whoever is funding the delay in our progress (Silver Oaks v. Matawan) is no friend to Matawan. If we look into this further as previously stated in our posts; what does Silver Oaks have to gain by appealing the decision of the Courts? Someone is obviously putting up the money for this developer to continue with this lawsuit, even though it has no merit. Developers are into making money, not litigation! It is astonishing that some people would take the time to stop Matawan from progressing.

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