Friday, April 13, 2007

Update to "Who Let the Dogs out"

The School Board Association, the governing body over local School Boards has not answered phone calls and several messages have been left.

Conversations with NJ Voters and NJ Election Law Enforcement in Trenton, have produced the following:

There are no restrictions on any political party to endorse a candidate for the School Board elections. Mr. O'Connell didn't break any laws by using the Democratic mail permit.

One would questions his ethics. Are we now resorting to politics regarding the children of Matawan? Will this open the door for future School Board elections? Why is it so important to Mr. O'Connell to win? One of his children remains in the gifted program. By the next election she will graduate and it has been reported that he will not run again.

What are his accomplishments while in office? Test scores for all Matawan public schools are below the State average. That is a fact! This wouldn't be a problem for his child but what about yours? What has he done to improve test scores for the average children? We don't know, do you?

Jim Purcell of the Courier stated, it is the long standing policy of his publication not to seek out candidates but rather candidates have to contact the Courier. On that premise the only candidates that contacted The Courier were Mr. O'Connell and Mr. Gambino. Now we all know the policy of the Courier. It is unfortunate the other candidates were not aware of the Courier's policy. The Asbury Park Press, The Independent, The Star Ledger newspapers contact candidates and request an interview. So folks keep this in mind for the next election.

If all this intrigue is going on for the School Board election, hold on to your hats for the Matawan Borough Council elections. What will become of our little Borough when all the "fat cats" make their financial gains and move on? Will our Matawan be listed in the "urban plight" category?

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