Thursday, April 19, 2007

Matawan Boro Council Mtg Tonight at 7:30pm

Borough Council Meeting at 201 Broad Street tonight. Agenda for this meeting will include the swearing in of Patrolman Ryba and two resolutions authorizing the hiring of Jeffrey Bodner and Bryan Murphy as Academy Step Patrolmen. Congratulations to Matawan's Finest. May the Lord keep you all in the palm of his hand as you embark on this worthy journey. Matawan Cops are Tops! In case you haven't noticed I'm a staunch supporter of our Police force. They do a difficult job under dangerous circumstances and manage to do it well. Least we forget there is also a Resolution approving the Retirement for Police Service Dog, Wolf. Best of luck to Wolf in his retirement.

Now for another very important item on the agenda---Amending and supplementing Chapter 304, Zoning Section 77.1 entitle "Wireless Telecommunications Towers and Facilities." This pertains to placing a cell phone tower on top of a water tower in Matawan. The current ordinance reads, a cell phone tower must have a clearing of 150' in circumference. To prevent any danger to the public and property. If this ordinance is amended it will abolish the 150' rule and not be in the interests of public safety. There are homes and a ball park that would be impacted by this amended ordinance. To put it plainly children playing in the ball park and residences of that area would be in danger. Not to mention the liabilities involved. Find another location where public safety is not an issue.

We urge you to attend at least one of these meetings a month. There are important issues that impact of us.

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