Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Matawan-Aberdeen School Board Budget Defeated

Latest news from the Asbury Park Press, the School Budget was defeated. Apparently, voters in Matawan-Aberdeen are disgusted with the increasing Budget and the poor performance of our school system. This sends a message to the School Board that lackluster performance will not be rewarded by more and more money! Learn how to manage your money accordingly. We do not have deep pockets to keep dipping into when you can't budget properly.

Larry O'Connell won the Matawan seat on the School Board. Considering all the efforts on his behalf including his recorded phone calls today to ask for your vote and mailings paid for by the Matawan Democratic Party this came as no surprise. It makes you wonder what is it about the School Board that made the Matawan Democratic Party get involved. Shame on them for making the School Board elections political at the expense of our children. We trust this does not set the tone for future School Board elections.

Sheila Flamm who ran a much less expensive campaign, without the financial assistance of any political party machine did receive a respectable amount of votes.

Let's all support the School Board in its efforts to provide a quality education for our children. Let us demand the best for our children, they deserve it!

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