Thursday, April 12, 2007

Democratic Slate for Matawan

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Under the present administration this is how our Historic Train Station looks.
The petitions are in and Matawan Borough will soon be embroiled in a pivotal election. Here are the candidates:

Democratic Party
Mary Aufseeser for Mayor
Robert Bunyon for Councilman
Kevin Mendes for Councilman

Based on the following information, how will you vote?

Mary Aufseeser, presently the Mayor under whose administration we have seen an increase in the municipal budget of $1,319,682., from 2006 to 2007. Mayor Aufseeser in a letter to residents of Union Street stated, “My goal has been to stabilize taxes to the greatest extent possible.” Doesn’t sound like a stabilization program to me! Therefore, Mayor Aufseeser has failed in her efforts to stabilize taxes. Overall a lackluster performance record.

Mayor Aufseeser is unresponsive to Matawan residents. We could cite many examples, however, due to limited space, just come to a Borough Council Meeting and see for yourself. Actually, see is what you will observe, as the Mayor does not respond to questions very often, the Borough Attorney speaks in her place. We long for the days when our elected officials responded to our questions. Ah yes, those were the days of Mayor Rob Clifton!

Robert Bunyon, now there is a name that conjures up memories of the “ghost candidate.”
Now we ask, Mr. Bunyon, are you really, really sure, you want to run. On the other hand, will this be another ploy to get an ineligible candidate to slide on to the ballot? It is difficult to trust someone who cannot make up his or her mind.

Kevin Mendes, we will need to reserve opinions on Mr. Mendes until we have all the facts. He lives in Matawan. He serves on the Planning & Zoning Board. Mr. Mendes also works for Key Auto Body. Does this mean Re-development is dead at the Train Station?

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