Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Letter from Jim Carney, Matawan Aberdeen Softball League

The following letter has been circulating via email. It contains information we believe should be shared.

Dear Matawan Aberdeen softball parents,

I normally do not get involved in local politics, yet a recent flyer sent out by the two incumbent Matawan Councilmen seeking re-election has forced me to.

As you may remember, late in 2007 and early 2008 representatives from the league appeared before the Matawan Borough Council to request that a small portion of Hourihan Field, located adjacent to Borough Hall, be dedicated to use by the our league solely for girls softball. To make a long story short, the council majority threw up every roadblack they possibly could to keep this from happeneing and ultimately forced us to pay half the cost of the field, depleting almost every dollar we had in our savings account.

You can imagine my surprise when I received a flyer for the two incumbent councilmen which included among heir successes building a girls softball field and negotiating a 50% reduction in costs for the project. For these two gentlemen to take credit for something which they tried to stop from happening, and take pride in the fact that they forced us to pay almost every dollar we had to get this field done for our girls is disgusting. When you take into consideration that the council is almost 500,000 over budget this year, its even more insulting. Apparently they found lots of important things to spend money on, but a softball field for 7 and 8 year old girls wasnt one of them.

Tom Fitzsimmons and Joe Urbano are running for Borough Council this year and I urge you to vote for them and send a message to the people who played politics with a softball field for our kids. Again, I'm sorry for getting political, but this just made me so mad, I had to say something.

Jim Carney

Note: This is exactly how it appears in the email.


Main Street Manny said...

I hope that this gets around to every resident in Matawan. This is exactly what is needed. If I was the republican party I would have a mass mailing of this letter. Unfortunately it maybe to late. These political games have reached an all time high in Matawan when Mr. Mullaney decided to run for office. When I say that I am refering to the lies and taking credit for things that they had nothing to do with. THE RESIDENTS OF MATAWAN NEED TO FORGET THE PARTY AFFILIATIONS AND VOTE FOR THE GOOD OF THE BOROUGH OF MATAWAN.

Anonymous said...

That letter may have come from Softball, but it sure wasn't written by Mr. Carney. I have seen many of his e-mails, and there were not enough mispelled words for him to take credit for that letter. Keep trying MA, your days are getting short, and your story is very very old. Tuesday will give us all the answers we need, for one side or the other.

matawan advocate said...

Anonymous, You think by making disparaging remarks about Mr. Carney that will get your candidates elected? Perhaps if your candidates worked as hard as he does for the children of Matawan you wouldn't be so worried about who wins.

Until we see change in Matawan spending & politics we will keep commenting. Should either side screw up we will comment on it.

Thanks for a Sunday morning laugh.

Anonymous said...

So, Anonymous thinks Mr. Carney didn't write the e-mail? Haven't you heard of spell check????
On something so important, I'm sure he would use it.
As far as Malley and Bunyon, those two have taken credit for everything that has been done for the good of Matawan. Wonder what this town ever did without them??? I'd like to try and see again.
Their propaganda says that the Mayor stopped everyting they tried to do, roads, new hook and ladder fire truck, etc. As far as I know, the Mayor doesn't vote if there is not a tie. What, he told them there was no money????

Anonymous said...

Attacking a man who gives numerous hours of his time for the enrichment of Matawan's children is despicable. Perhaps the author of the attack is feeling desperate and can only react by spewing such nonsense. Regardless of who wrote the letter everything in it is 100% TRUE. Anyone who was at the council meetings when the league was trying to get the field approved knows it! The field is the nicest improvement to the town in a long, long, time!

Anonymous said...

For the sake of this town lets hope the word got around. It seems to me that there are alot less Democratic signs then in previous years.

matawan advocate said...

Truly believe Matawan is fed up with the Democratic majority and their shennigans. Tomorrow will tell the tale.