Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Matawan Borough Council Mtg Update

Borough Council met last night in what we believe is one of the shortest meetings ever. Why you ask, doesn't Matawan have business to conduct?Let's face it this Council has done nothing to reduce the deficit. They have increased spending with no end in sight.

Councilman Malley and Councilman Bunyon were conspiciously silent along with Councilman Cannon. The only Councilperson who ever voted against their spending is Councilwoman Linda Clifton. Councilman Mullaney in an attempt to play politics, asked Fred Carr, how much money will the Borough receive from Reinsurance? This was quite amusing as the Borough has received the bulk of money from Reinsurance and Councilman Mullaney is aware of that fact. If we knew just from attending meetings, why wouldn't a Councilman know? Unless, of course, he was making a feeble attempt at grandstanding and politicking. Sorry folks but the "strategic political move" was not to answer any questions. And playing politics is exactly what they did. As for us, we want answers! In the words of Jack Nicholson in the movie, "A Few Good Men" the Democrats must believe we can't handle the truth! Well we lived through the Korean Conflict, the Berlin Wall Crisis, Viet Nam and the two terrorists attack on the World Trade Center, we can handle your answers. That is, if you have any. Judging by last night you DO NOT.

After having to listen to their political rheotoric all year, this would have been as good a time as any to tell us what your plan will be and how it will affect us financially. Not once have we heard any of them address the Budget deficit. Even when the Mayor has consistently reminded them and offered his assistance and expertise.

Well, now that we have gotten that out of our system, let's share the Curfew information.
Halloween Curfew for persons under 16.
October 29 and 30, 2008 7:30pm to 5am
Please have a safe and Happy Halloween.
October 31, 2008 8:30pm to 5am

Coming soon - We have obtained a copy of the Contract between the firm representing Matawan in the capacity of Borough Attorney. This is to clarify to residents, where Mr. Aaron, Esq. is of late. It seems an associate has been attending Borough Council meetings.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Lopez's comment at the last Council Meeting. "My tax payments this year are about the same as last years." Gee does that mean with the reval, his taxes went down or stayed the same. That's exactly what it means. Very interesting!

Anonymous said...

I like to know who devised the formula for the reevaluation of 1/3 up, 1/3 down, 1/3 stay the same.?? I thought a reevaluation was 100% of true market value for all???

matawan advocate said...

Anonymous, The fact is homes are reassessed when renovations are made. Therefore, the last reval could have caused a decrease, increase or no change due to market value. Another factor would be tax abatements which would effect the amount of property taxes paid.

Were you at the Borough Council meetings when the Appraiser explained how the revals were done? Guess not.