Thursday, November 6, 2008

Matawan Borough Council Mtg 11/6/08 @ 7:30pm

Borough Council meeting tonight at 7:30pm. A rather lengthy Agenda this evening.
Some, not all of the Resolutions for the Council are:

Old Business:
Resolution 08-09-42: Approving Funds for Emergency Gravelly Brook Park.

New Business:
Resolution 08-11-10: Borough of Matawan Office Hours
Resolution 08-11-13: Authorizing the Refund of Vendor Fees for the Matawan Day Celebration
Resolution 08-11-14: Resolution Authorizing the Chief Financial Officer to pay $4,750. to Signs by J.K. for the fabrication and installation of Signs for Terhune Park, Freneau Park, Clinton Street Park, Gravelly Brook Park, and Ravine Drive Park. Pursuant to the Terms and Conditions of Proposal #317, dated August 28, 2008.

Comment: As the Budget permits want to see Matawan Parks accessible to the handicapped.
Perhaps Matawan could seek out Grants.

Resolution 08-11-16: Authorizing Police Chief to Undertake Preliminary Interviews for Staffing of Police Department.
Resolution 08-11-17: Authorizing the Borough of Matawan to Enter into a Professional Services Contract with Maser Consulting, P.A. for the Mill Road Sanitary Sewer Extension.
Resolution 08-11-18: Authorizing Borough Engineer to Advertise to Accept Bids - Mill Road Sanitary Sewer Installation.
Resolution 08-11-20: Authorizing the Retention of Joseph D. Yussouf, Esq. as Counsel for and on Behalf of the Board of Fire Officers for the Borough of Matawan.

Ordinance 08-17:
An Ordinance to Fix and Determine the Salaries and Wages of Officers, Management, Supervisory Personnel and General Employees not Represented by an Organized Bargaining Unit and Employed by the Borough of Matawan, Monmouth County, New Jersey.

Consent Agenda
: New businesses seeking Approval of Business Licenses in Matawan are:
Invitations A La Carte, Jackson Hewitt, Philippine Island.
Hope to see you there.......


Anonymous said...

Maybe I am dense but just why does the fire department need thier own lawyer, isn't the towns good enouph.

Anonymous said...

A good portion of last night's council meeting was devoted to a situation regarding the boro fire department. Apparently, two long time members of the fire department were fired after a dispute at a meeting that came to blows between several members. The two fired members plan to appeal and may or may not have legal representation at the appeal hearing. The Matawan boro attorney recommended that Matawan have a lawyer on hand in the event the two members show up with their own lawyers. The town's lawyer handles Matawan business and a seperate lawyer is required for lawsuits and such.

Anonymous said...

Another fine mess that will cost the taxpayers. When will somebody wake up and combine all these services.

Anonymous said...

Fired? It is a volunteer position. Oh well, don't have a fist fight at a meeting. There are plenty of fireman in the borough that two lost won't hurt. It has to be written somewhere that any physical altercations and your gone. Then again, the Matawan way its probably is not written anywhere. This town needs an enema.