Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day Polls Open 6am - 8pm

Do not forget to VOTE! Every day we are thankful to be an American. On Election Day we are proud to exercise our right to vote. One of the things we are proud of is we have instill the importance of voting to our children. Oh, we have heard the naysayers, who claim their vote doesn't count. As you all may recall, we in Matawan had a Special Election because EVERY VOTE DOES COUNT!

Don't be complacent, get out and vote!

We would not endorse any Presidential candidate as we want to keep this blog strictly for Matawan. Based on our observations at Matawan Borough Council meetings, we support TOM FITZSIMMONS AND JOE URBANO for Matawan Borough Council. We need people who will cut the Budget and eliminate unnecessary spending. We don't believe it will be easy, but we need a strong Council who can make the tough decisions and will bring Matawan forward. Adding these two men to the Council will help get Matawan back on track and out of the red.
Hope to see you at the polls.....we will be the one waving the flag..................................................

God Bless America!

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