Tuesday, November 4, 2008

And the winners are Tom Fitzsimmons & Joe Urbano

Congratulations Tom Fitzsimmons & Joe Urbano,Matawan's Councilmen elect. The Borough Council has a tough road ahead.

It's time to put politics aside and work together to make Matawan the jewel of New Jersey.


Anonymous said...

Sorry Buddy! Guess not enough water or bus trips to get the win this time. Lets see if he sticks it out now that his power is gone! GONE! GONE! Or does he walk like his daughter.

matawan advocate said...

Let's think positive. Time to put past differences aside and work together for Matawan.

A gracious gesture was made by Councilman Will Malley when he called Councilman-elect Tom Fitzsimmons to express his congratulations. Let this be a new beginning.

Anonymous said...

Time to get this town moving and start the road to recovery. decisions will be tough , but we the people of matawan are willing to ride it as long as we see progress. good luck to the new members.