Sunday, November 30, 2008

Planning and Zoning Board Meeting 12/1/08 7:30


Planning & Zoning Board meeting on Monday, December1, 2008, 7:30pm at 201 Broad St. Matawan Borough Community Center. One of the topics to be discussed is to be the Big Blue House on Main Street. It seems there are many residents who oppose changing the zoning on this property in order to allow commercial use. The present owner would like to create office space in this beautiful Matawan treasure.

Comment: We oppose the change in zoning. We think with the surrounding residential homes it would affect the quality of life. Without a clear plan to keep the integrity of the home, it seems ludicrous to allow the zoning change. We would like to see a family purchase this home and restore it to its original beauty. It is a one of a kind treasure that should be saved for future generations. Sadly the previous owners stripped the home of its marble mantles, Tiffany doors,
even the wall scones were taken or sold, but restoration would not be impossible.
The Borough website has NOT been updated pertaining to the Planning & Zoning Board Agendas/Minutes. Therefore, the Agenda is still unknown and the Meeting Minutes from previous meeting have not been published. Optimistically, this will change soon.

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