Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Matawan Borough Council Mtg CANCELLED

Much like Nero playing the fiddle while Rome burned to the ground, the Matawan Borough Council meeting for tonight was cancelled. Just before the election, does that speak loudly on the position of the Democrats. Residents want answers, not mealy mouthed politicians who run for cover when it comes time to give answers.

In the words of Harry S. Truman, former President of the US, and a Democrat, "IF YOU CAN'T TAKE THE HEAT, GET OUT OF THE KITCHEN."

Were they afraid to answer questions on the Budget deficit, what will happen to the residents of Mill Road and their sewage problems, what about spending the money for new Park signs, what about the Borough employees raises, what about the 2008 Road Program bonding for 1.3 Million, were they unable to justify paying for all those political signs in Matawan and surrounding areas. So they are not able to answer the tough questions. Yet these same people want us to vote to keep them in office. We want people who can take the heat and people who are not afraid to justify their positions, not run away.

Remember the cowardly acts of cancelling this meeting when you go to the polls on Election Day. Keep in mind vote for the person, not the party. Most of all, GET OUT AND VOTE.


Anonymous said...

This is going to be the final nail in the coffin. When people hear about this, Malley and Bunyon are finished.

Anonymous said...

I heard it wasn't the COUNCIL who postponed the meeting. Deny it Advocate!!!

Anonymous said...

Who else would cancel the meeting?

matawan advocate said...

Technically, the Mayor is the one to cancel meetings. HOWEVER, there must be at least four (4) Council persons attending for a quorum in order to hold a Council meeting. Strangely enough, Councilman Mullaney and Councilman Bunyon were not originally available for the Council meeting. However, when the Mayor decided to meet with the homeowners on Mill Road re: sewer problem, both miraculously became available. From what we heard, Councilman Mendes and Councilwoman Clifton were available but 2 Council members do not qualify as a quorum. Councilman Cannon was scheduled to be away. Councilman Malley reportedly had a function to attend at the last minute.

For the record, this was a regularly scheduled Council Meeting so all knew ahead of time.

Oh, the games people play...... Good strategy, nothing can be in the papers prior to the election! No one has to account for the deficit Budget. Don't you feel manipulated?

Now we hear there may be a rescheduled meeting, nothing on the website as yet.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a chance for the Republicans to go to the paper. Make the reporters do some investigating on the issues and why the meeting was canceled.

Anonymous said...

I happen to be one of the residents at that "Mill Road Sewer Meeting" and I had the oppotunity to speak to Fred Carr and Bob Bunyon before the meeting and at the meeting. Mr. Bunyon WAS! available for the council meeting that is why he was able to attend our meeting. The Mayor said himself that he cancelled the meeting.This was confirmed by Mr. Carr prior to the meeting. What is more important why did the mayor try to exclude Mr. bunyon from this Sewer meeting when he was the only person that took the time to visit our homes and inspect the property? A homeowner made him aware of the meeting and he came and was instamental in solving the problem. I challenge you to ask the Mayor Or Bob On Tuesday in public if he could not make it to the council meeting and if the Mayor made him aware of special meeting, being he is the Sewer Commissioner. If not STOP PRINTING LYES!

matawan advocate said...

Mill Road Resident, We reiterate the Mayor technically cancels the meeting. The Mayor did not have a quorum, four Council members, to conduct business. If Bunyon was available along with Mullaney, then why didn't the meeting take place? As Clifton and Mendes were available. That makes four.

We are sorry to hear of your problems with the sewers. Raw sewerage backing up into one's home is an emergency. We are sick and tired of this Council and its game playing.

Why don't you ask Bunyon if he, Mullaney or Mendes notified the Mayor and the rest of the Council of the sewerage problem the day they came to your home? It appears there is no communication between the Democrats and Republican members of Council. We attend all the Borough Council meetings. We would like to see a Borough Council that works TOGETHER for the betterment of Matawan.

If we are wrong and Bunyon was available for the Council meeting than we were misinformed. But if he told the Mayor he wasn't available for the Council meeting, why would the Mayor contact him about the Mill Road residents meeting? If Bunyon was available then what Council Members weren't available? You have to ask alot more questions to find the truth. Ask more in depth questions. Try not to be so naive when it comes to politicians.

Thanks for your comments and we do hope your problems have been solved.

Anonymous said...

So the Mayor did cancel the meeting!!! HMMH?? Seems as though the second hand info your put out is confusing even to your fe-ble mind.I hope to see you at the meeting next week, Maybe you should bring your significant other with you,if the other wants to be seen in public with you making a fool of yourself.

matawan advocate said...

Anonymous, If all you can respond with is personal attacks, what does that say about you and your comments?

And how exactly did Bunyon & Malley lead the Redevelopment Committee out of litigation? And how exactly did they negotiate with the Girls Softball League? And how exactly did they manage to save the residents money while running up a Budget deficit of $500,000? And how exactly does hiring new employees save taxpayers money? And how exactly did they reduce lawyers fees?

Write us when you have an answer to these questions.
Thanks for your comments, at least you were good for a laugh.

Anonymous said...

Advocate :look into a mirror, all you do is "Personally" attack the Council: Enought said!!

matawan advocate said...

Anonymous, Once again you don't answer any of the questions. Our attacks as you call them are not personal. THEY ARE observations of the Council's actions or lack there of.

We see right through you. Still good for a laugh!