Friday, October 17, 2008

Fitzsimmons & Urbano Signs

Anyone wishing to have a sign endorsing Fitzsimmons & Urbano for Borough Council, please contact us through Your name and address will be passed on to the proper parties. All information will be kept confidential and will be shred afterward.

With the looming deficit approaching $500,000., it is absurd Matawan residents are paying to remove Malley/Bunyon signs from Borough and County properties. Need we say more about the lack of accountability.


Anonymous said...

Heard Mullaney and Company are putting up the big signs in addition to the small sign for Malley and Bunyon. Some residents have 2 big signs on their property.

Are they trying to hypnotize us into voting? Who is pouring all this money into Matawan and why?

Matawan Mattie

Anonymous said...

Who and how much are they paying to have signs removed? The idiots who put them up should be removing them for free. Didn't realize how difficult it was to remove a sign that you had to pay someone to do this!

Anonymous said...

Good question anonymous on "Who is pouring all this money into Matawan and why?

The Dem County Chairman owns property at the Train Station. The Dem Chairman paid for an attorney to represent Mike Cannon in court so he could run for council in 2006. The same attorney was appointed as Re-development Attorney.

The Dem County Chairman paid for the attorney to represent the Former Mayor during the recount. The same Dem Chairman paid over $8500 for the Former Mayor's re-election in January.

By the way the Dem County Chairman is a sitting member on a local hospital board along with Mullaney.

I have also heard that Kevin Mendes works for the Dem Chairman by monitoring and collecting fees to park cars at the Chairman's abandoned gas station in Matawan.

Also, Robert Bunyon works under the supervision of the Chairman's nephew at the Turnpike Authority.

By attending Council meetings I have been able to ascertain this information and have connected the dots to the Train Station Project.

Main Street Manny said...

The Democrats are consistantly putting the signs on Borough property. This is against the law and the road department employees usually spend most of every morning driving around and removing these signs.

matawan advocate said...

Main St Manny & Anonymous, We have been reporting on the connection to Scudieri all along. Yet people support Malley and Buyon's election by those big signs on their lawns. The same people that don't attend Council meetings and believe everything they are told by the Democrats.

We reiterate our opposition to those oversized signs, now they have put 2 and 3 of them on properties. They are telling all of us who find those oversized signs an eyesore they don't care what Matawan looks like as long as they can get their own way. Now who does that sound like???

Monmouth County Board of Elections has been called regarding the posting of Malley/Bunyon signs on County property. Another call will be placed on Mon., Tues., Wed.,Thurs.,Fri., until something is done. Matawan Borough should be reimbursed by the Matawan Democratic Party for the expenses incurred removing those signs.

Thanks for your comments.

MamaMatawan said...


I am interested in knowing where I can go to learn about the government and issues in Matawan. Also, I would like to know what the Nov 4th candidates up for election in Matawan stand for - does any site or place publish this info? Do the candidates speak anywhere? I know your site favors a particular 2 candidates - but how do I learn about all of them in order to make an informed decision at the poll booth?

I have lived in Matawan since 2005 and do not see such information on the government, the issues, the people in office readily available - but now I want to find out. I feel that I am paying A LOT of taxes and I need to know how my dollars are being used. Also, I see a rundown downtown area, from what I hear - schools that are sub-par, and a neighborhood that just doesn't seem to really come together _ I want to know what my dollars are going for_and would like to get involved!

Thanks and Can't wait to hear!

matawan advocate said...

Mamamatawan, A belated welcome to Matawan. Despite what you are currently witnessing, we are a diverse, proud, caring and passionate community.

The best gauge is to attend Matawan Borough Council meetings. Even if you can only attend one meeting a month. There are also Borough Council Workshop meetings where items to be placed on the Borough Council Agenda are discussed. These are the places to see your Borough Council work. Yes, there is alot of polticking going on now because of the election. You can see what each Council member considers to be important and you can speak out if you agree or disagree. Witness how they are dealing with the Budget deficit and hear if they have a plan for the future. Witness how they deal with residents who agree or disagree with their agendas. Currently, we have not heard any concrete plan to avoid deficits in the future. The candidates are walking around Matawan, mostly on weekends. If anyone of them stops at your home, ask questions of them that concern you. Ask what their vision is for Matawan and how they intend on realistically accomplishing them. Don't allow them to give you political rhetoric. Get specific answers.

Do not believe what you read in campaign literature. Trying to be impartial we have seen out and out lies in some of the campaign material. The lies have not been disputed. Currently there is an important race for control of the Borough Council by both Democrats and Republicans. The Democrats are putting alot of money to try and keep their current majority on Council.

An important Board is the Matawan-Aberdeen School Board. This is where the largest part of our taxes are spent. The Aberdeener Blog on Google is an informative blog on the School Board. The School Board meetings are televised. The audio quality is poor. The Aberdeener attends School Board meetings and writes about it on his Blog. Of course, just like the Borough Council meetings, the School Board has open public meetings you can attend.

Both Matawan Borough and the Matawan Aberdeen School Board have websites. The Borough website does not have current meeting minutes available on line to date. If you contact Ms. Jean Monfort, Matawan Borough Clerk, she can provide them for you.

It is our opinion the local publications and newspapers are slanted to one party or the other. The info on the candidates listed in the Asbury Park Press presently only have the Democratic candidates. The problem we have with this is the candidates write their own propaganda and we have found information to be inaccurate. Therefore, reading the papers is the same as reading their politically embelished, slanted bibliography.

So there you have it. The best way to learn about Matawan is to attend meetings. First hand accounts of the proceedings are always the best. Someone elses account is their perception of what happens. Your own take could be different.

As to joining any one group. You don't have to you can always remain independent. We recommend attending a meeting and seeing which group shares your ideas and opinions. Speak with the the Mayor and Council members after a meeting to ascertain if their goals are the same as yours. Check the Borough website, we recall seeing a note from the Mayor asking for volunteers for resident groups for the Transit Village, Downtown Revitalization, etc.

We hope we have responded to your questions. Feel free to contact us at our email address If you require transportation to meetings contact us and we will arrange it for you. No political strings attached.

Aberdeener said...

Any idea why there's a Bunyon & Malley sign on Church St. across the street from Aberdeen's Town Hall? Did they run out of places in Matawan to plant these billboards?

matawan advocate said...

Apparently so. Did Aberdeen give them permission to put them up?

Anonymous said...

The monster signs are also in Old Bridge on the Carter Drug Property. Cliffwood Ave. and Morristown Rd. Can't miss it on the way to the parkway.

Anonymous said...

The word around town is that Mullaney is going around putting up signs on peoples lawns without even asking them..they just wake up and find them on the lawn, and they're not even supporting malley and Bunyon. Heard that from a bunch of different people.

Anonymous said...

I met Bunyon and Mendes the other day as they were going door to door for support. I questioned them on the budget deficit and other issues as well. I realize there are two sides to every story and they did defend many of their actions, including approval for money for town events. They assured me that taxpayer money was not going to finance town event, which I do find hard to believe. They kept stressing how the town was falling apart and things needed to be done, which I do agree with, but I kept stressing how we were going to pay for those things. Taxes are high enough. The money has to come from somewhere and you cannot spend what you don't have. It's called fiscal responsibility. It would be nice to have some kind of a forum or a town hall meeting where residents could question council members and find out the truth. It would also be nice if we could get a qualified person to go over the entire town and school budget line by line to reign in spending and make much needed changes, like perhaps implementing a different medical plan which places a bit more responsibility on the participants of the plan instead of the taxpayers. Actions speak louder than words and so far, the only one that seems to try to cut spending is the mayor and I applaud the money saved with the 4 day work week.

matawan advocate said...

If anyone places a sign on your property without your permission, contact the Matawan Police Dept @ 732 566 1010 and report it. On Monmouth County property contact Monmouth County Board of Elections @732 431 7150 and report it.

Last year several people went into stores that had political signage and let them know they would not frequent their establishment as long as they had political signage. Signs were posted outside of Walgreens on Rt 79 last election. Walgreens was not aware and immediately took the signs down. We don't buy anything from Carter Drugs, Dunkin' Donuts(on Broad St), Bagel store(across from Mullaney Tires), nor would we use Scudieri's parking lot by the Train Station, or Mullaney Tires. The only way to show your displeasure is not to frequent the establishments.

Shame on Malley and Bunyon, they profess to care about Matawan.

Anonymous said...

Political signs are not forms of advertising..they are indicators of support. The idea that people are going to see a sign on Cliffwood Avenue or on some empty lot and vote based on that is stupid..but its a classic Bud Mullaney, "I know better than anyone" move.

You can stick 12 signs on someones property, but there's still only 2 votes in there. And thats a problem for Malley and Bunyon. Signs dont vote.

Anonymous said...

Signs, signs, signs,Typical Republican mentally, nothing else to talk about. All signs put out "BY THE Democrats" had approval of the property owners , contrary to your accusations. Some may have been "MOVED" by your sneak around party worker, Gee, I see MR.Fitzsimmons finally made it to a council meeting after a long absent??? Looking for votes??

Downtown Susie said...

At least the Democrats are keeping in the spirit of shared services! The signs were made at Drapkin Printing.

matawan advocate said...

Funny thing, we have been talking about the deficit and all YOU can respond to is the signs. Talking about signs, are the Democrats going to reimburse the Borough for all the time and money it cost to remove the signs from Borough property?

Once again, alot of criticizm but no ideas or solutions. Sounds like your friends on the Borough Council.

matawan advocate said...

Welcome back Downtown Susie, Thanks for the info.

Anonymous said...

Why do you republicans go begging for some one who wants to put signs up for your canidates??? I guess there aren't many out there that want your signs???

matawan advocate said...

Let's talk nonsense instead of issues! And how does Malley and Bunyon plan to reduce the deficit? What no answer!