Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Matawan Borough Workshop Meeting 9-15 @ 7pm

Tonight's Workshop meeting will have on the Agenda:

The following items are under:

1.Mill Road Sewer
2.Road Program 2008
a. Park Use Penalty
b. Refund of Matawan Day Fees
c. Revision to existing ordinance
d. Trust Account
e. Review Resolution for Gravelly Brook Payment
f. AAU Basketball Use of MMCC

4. Budget Status 2008

5. Police Department
a. Special Class I Police Officers - Hiring
b. Towing Ordinance

6. Construction Department
a. P/T Electrical Inspector - Hiring

7. General
a. Ordinance revision regarding waste pick up
b. Opposing the Third Round COAH Regulations
c. 4 Day Work week
d Sale of Property on Little Street

5. Public Comment

Two items of interest are the 2008 Budget and 2008 Road Program.

Interested in hearing the Council's plan for the deficit. Where will get the money which is approaching $500,000+/-.

Opposed to the expanded 2008 Road Program at this time. Interested in costs of same to the taxpayer. Under the current financial circumstances Nationwide, the fact NJ State, several NJ Counties and NYC (which has a much larger tax base) are all cutting back on their Road Program due to the high cost of asphalt. Again what will the cost to taxpayers be and can taxpayers afford any increase in taxes.

The Democratic majority Council has already passed the Highest Tax Rate Increases of 26% from 2006-2008. And Bunyon and Malley want us to vote to keep them on Council? Do they think we are stupid or crazy?

Hope to see you at the meeting.....


Anonymous said...

I have been to 70% of the Council Meeting in the last two years. I don't recall seeing Tom Fitzimmons at any of them, NOW HE THINKS HE IS QUALIFIED to run for council????He surely must be caught up on all the needs of Matawan to think HE could help!! without ever being at the meeting,,Probably very well versed on all matters by READING YOUR PROPORGAMA

matawan advocate said...

We have been to 100% of the meetings and don't recall seeing Bunyon or Mendes frequent them. Not until they were appointed or elected to Council. But then they were briefed by Councilman Mullaney.

Now that you mention it, attending meetings isn't a pre-requisite to running for office. Other avenues are open, i.e., the Meeting Minutes, the newspapers and we would be thrilled if we contribute in any way to enlighten the Borough.

As to this Blog, we have never deleted a favorable comment on any Council member. In lieu of criticizm, why not submit something about how Matawan can handle the deficit or suggestions for the PBA contract, employee health insurance, the Recreation Dept. and we will be happy to print it.

Otherwise, you are just blowing smoke.

Anonymous said...

I am being led to believe that Mally and Bunyon really do not want to be councilmen. I heard that if they win, they will resign and let the Republicans put in 2 young men who were at the last council meeting. Has anyone else heard this???

matawan advocate said...

Funny you should say that. We heard a young man from Matawan Ave. was going to run for Council. However, if Bunyon and Malley did win, the Democrats would chose their replacements. If you recall that is how Bunyon was appointed to the Council. Meghan Mullaney resigned and her father, Buddy Mullaney, Michael Cannon, Kevin Mendes and Will Malley appointed Bunyon.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said: "I have been to 70% of the Council meetings in the last two years and ..."

Since you have been to 70% of the meetings then you would know that the Council Majority has been spending and spending and spending.

They can't keep saying that the problem is from past councils. My understanding is that no other council has ever borrowed money from the next budget year to pay for the previous budget year. Simple fact!

Maybe the problem is a poorly prepared budget by the Finance Committee? Maybe a lack of understanding how a budget is prepared and how to control a budget.

So anonymous if attending council meetings is required to run for council, then with the current Council majority being present at almost every meeting, they should have controlled or stopped the spending so that the Borough was not facing a fiscal deficit of over $500,000.

Maybe they should listen to the news or read a newspaper to understand what is happening in the world.

But what do I know, my property taxes have increased 2-1/2 times from the recent revaluation and I will probably lose my house.