Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Special Workshop meeting Thurs at 7pm

A special Workshop meeting will be held at the Matawan Community Center at 7pm this Thursday to discuss the Recreation Director position. Keep in mind the public can only observe. Comments should be held until the Borough Council meeting on March 4th.

Anyone who has objections/questions regarding this position should attend to be prepared to voice their objections at the Borough Council meeting. Of course, it is our opinion the majority Council has made their decision and the candidate has been selected. It will be interesting to hear what Councilman Robert Bunyon, Chairperson of the Redevelopment, Recreation, Water/Sewer committee has to say.


Shelley Stack said...

I am glad there is a forum such as this, and I hope that Matawan residents learn about it.

Something has been rotten in this town for several years.

Who is responsible for "The Preserve" on Rt. 79? Who allowed it, without letting surrounding residents be informed, destruction of land, unlikely to sell in this market, more traffic on strained 79 in that area AND we are told by a Weichert realtor, that it destroys home values...NICE, since our reval came in at $100,000 more than what we might be able to ask for our home.

We've been flatly told that our home will not sell in this town at the reval number, people who can pay that, will go to Marlboro where schools and services are better by far.

Is the council going to stand up to Corzine who is in favor of reopening the rail along the Henry Hudson Trail? Will the council, like our neighboring towns, make a move, a resolution to protest it? They need to make a statement now, not when it is too late.

I used to love this town, and I am watching it slide downhill fast. I have great hopes for the new Mayor, and Linda Clifton but if the remainder of the council will not work with them, this town is done.

matawan advocate said...

Shelley, Welcome and thank you for your comments. Regarding the reval of your home you can dispute it by filing a request for a hearing. You should have some comps (prices of homes recently sold in your area)when going for a hearing. Based on the current sales you should be able to get a reduction. You can get the form at the Matawan Community Center 201Broad St. Good luck and let us know how you make out.

Mayor Buccellato and Councilwoman Clifton have great ideas, if only the rest of the Council stop playing politics. After listening to Mayor Buccellato's attempts to have the Council work in unity and hearing the opposition from the majority party it is disturbing. If the Mayor or Clifton say the sky is blue, the democrats say oh no let's hire an outside source at some ridiculous price to determine whether it is blue or light blue.

We remain optimistic that the residents of Matawan will stand up to the majority Council and let their voices be heard. An example, the Girls Softball League. Once the majority party realizes they will lose votes with their actions they will change their tune.

Anonymous said...

I have been saying this for months. Its not about Matawan its about the almighty vote. These people will do anything for the vote. I just read in the paper that the fire department is doing there own in house analysis before hiring an outside vendor. That is a good thing, but in the long run the council will do pretty much whatever they want to get the majority vote in town. Not to mention the $30,000.00 for a part time recreation employee. Talk about ridiculous. Whoever the Dems already selected for this position will most likely be closely connected or high up in the hiearchy of some association in town to bolster more votes for them. Got to love it!

matawan advocate said...

We understand the salary amount has been reduced for position of Recreation Director. Now we will see what Councilman Mullaney tries to pull tonight. Believe you are correct in your assumption that they already have someone selected for the position. Keep in mind that they must comply with what the residents want. Notice how the salary has been reduced. We believe it is because of the public outcry. Don't give up, that is what they want. Total control of the Borough. Remember to attend meetings, vote and let your voice be heard. Silence equals consent!

Thanks for your comments and we will do our best to keep you posted. By the way, we have not given up on the investigation of the Resolution accusing Mary Aufseeser alone of acting illegally.

Truth In Matawan said...

Reading this blog, you would think the Democrats on the council were in power for the last twenty years and are responsible for everything that went wrong with the town! What is WRONG with you people?!?! Do you live in a twilight zone? Since we've lived in town, every seat on the council was a republican, until a measly two years ago!

Stop blaming it on the Dems. Blame it on politicians. Republican politicians for a long time pile-drived this town into the ground. Democratic politicians recently have apparently not done much better. Politicians are to blame. And remember who the biggest politician in town is--hint, not Bud Mullaney!!!

matawan advocate said...

Truth, do you mean Vic Scudiery's connection to Bud Mullaney? We have to deal with the here and now.

At this time Mayor Buccellato is trying to put politics aside so Matawan can progress. Can you justify why Bunyon got the Redevelopment, Recreation, Water/Sewer Committee instead of Clifton? Wouldn't the best educated person be best for the job? It appears the Mayor is trying to work in the best interests of Matawan. However, the Dems are still politicking. Let's move forward and start accomplishing.

What did your investigation reveal as to whether former Mayor Aufseeser acted alone or with other members of the Council? We residents deserve an explanation of who broke the rules and why? Afterall, taxpayers dollars were used for this fiasco. We will not let this matter go away quietly. This happened this year.

Truth In Matawan said...

All we can say is we can't find any evidence that anyone worked with her on that decision. We know, we know, the obvious shot is that she wouldn't/couldn't have thought of that on her own, but who knows what her reasons were? Maybe she felt she couldn't trust some of the professionals she had at the time?

matawan advocate said...

Truth, you are grasping at straws when it comes to Aufseeser. Did you really investigate the situation or did you assume the answer? She had already lost the election when meetings were conducted. Aufseeser was one of the people who praised Pat Menna, Esq. and stated his fees were a benefit to Matawan. So logic would dictate that it wasn't her idea. Let's see if the newspapers ask her directly or will they succumb to the power of the Monmouth County Democratic Party?

Truth In Matawan said...

You brought it up, so it's fair game: Do you really think the power of the "Monmouth County Democratic Party" can hold a candle to the Monmouth County Republican Party? One of the most powerful and organized coalitions of its ilk IN THE ENTIRE COUNTRY??!?

True, it's suffered a lot of blows as member after member has been sent to jail for corruption, but it still wields a pretty big stick.

PS, To answer your question, yes, we've been digging around. Have to be coy about some sources, but we stand behind our statement--we can't find any evidence that she didn't come to that decision. Which admittedly begs the question--what led to her trusting none of her professionals anymore? Weren't they the people she (And the Democrats) installed in the first place?

matawan advocate said...

Truth, Apparently, you did not attend last night's Council meeting. Councilmen Cannon and Mullaney both admitted they along with Aufseeser participated in meetings with Attorneys re: RFQ's. No reason to slither around, direct questions with direct answers is the way to go. Therefore, your statement is incorrect.

If you have read the Courier, you will notice Vic Scudiery Enterprises has taken out the entire middle section. Mullaney & Associates also has taken out a full page ad in the Courier. Coincidence? So then what we are asking is the Monmouth County Democrats trying to infiltrate Matawan? Why? Could the Transit Village and the development of same be a carrot they are dangling?

Truth In Matawan said...

Why the use of the inflammatory word "infiltrate"? Isn't Matawan part of Monmouth County? Last time we checked, yeah, it still was. And in what universe would Vic Scudiery advertising in a paper based in Middletown serve as evidence of his infiltration of Matawan?


PS How's Jack Morris doing?

matawan advocate said...

Ironically, no reply to Cannon and Mullaney admitting they along with Aufseeser participated in the RFQ's fiasco. So like the majority council, if you can't convince us with truth, try to dazzle us with bullshit!

More importantly, how is Corzine doing? Now there is a Democratic Governor with a Democratic majority and state aid to small municipaliiities is being cut by $200,000. That is just state aid not discretionary aid, which we will more than likely not receive this year. Not to mention the toll increases for the GSP. Let's discuss Matawan's former Finance Chairperson Meghan Mullaney, a Democrat, who did nothing to prepare Matawan for standard increases to the Budget. That is why Matawan started this year $125,000. in the hole. Who was the "rocket scientist" who put her in charge of Finances? Let's see what you have to say following the Budget meeting on March 11th?

Vote for candidates based on their qualifications not their political affliations.