Friday, February 22, 2008

Mary, Mary, quite contrary - Aufseeser

According to the Resolution to Request RFQ's for Professional Services, i.e. Borough Attorney, the majority Council members didn't have time and blamed it on the Special Election. Hellooooooooooooooooooooo, after current Mayor Paul Buccellato was elected (so everyone, including Aufseeser knew she was voted out) former Mary Aufseeser without the Council's consent, and without the first RFQ's being rejected by the Borough Council decided to order RFQ's to be published. Now here is an interesting point, Mayor Paul Buccellato was NOT mentioned in this Resolution. It reads that it be resolved by the Council of Matawan. Mayor Buccellato's name is not mentioned even once on this Resolution.

The question we have, Is an investigation going to be conducted to determine why former Mayor Aufseeser acted in such a way to subject the Borough to litigation? What do her supporters say now? There has been no comment on this Resolution and the consequences. Who acted in consert with Aufseeser? The press will be calling her for a comment and questions? Now we noticed at the previous Council meeting, the majority, were all attacking the Boro Administrator and the Boro Clerk. It comes together now as we see it they were trying to blame the Administrator and Boro Clerk for Aufseeser's actions. Did other members of the Council participate in reviewing the Quotes with Mary Aufseeser? Did other members of the Council participate in interviewing Attorneys for the position of Borough Attorney? WHY? If this was on the up and up, why wasn't Mayor elect Buccellato asked to attend? Were they concerned he would tell them it was wrong to act as they did?

Who will reimburse the taxpayers for the time spent by the Borough Administrator and the Borough Clerk for this fiasco? Who will reimburse the taxpayers for the use of Matawan's Community Center, or any other municipal building, if it was used to hold these interviews? Someone should be held accountable. Our Borough is in financial trouble, we believe we are facing a double digit increase on top of the re-evaluation, we cannot afford unauthorized taxpayer dollars being spent. Don't get what there was to gain by all this slithering around. We must have TRANSPARENCY in Matawan's government. Just for reasons like this one. What happens if litigation is entered into by one of the attorneys who sent a quote and was interviewed?

Doesn't this open up a whole can of worms, what else don't the taxpayers know?


Main Street Manny said...

There we go bounce the both of them. Dems are "acting" in a very dirty manner. Hold them accountable. Can you impeach council members? Anyone that had anything to do with this should be fired or relieved of their duties as council members!

Truth In Matawan said...

Help us out here, how much does the REQUEST cost? If you're talking about money being spent, put a number on it, not an abstract idea. We know that might take away a bit from the righteous fury, but give it a shot.

Here's an idea why Mayor Buccellato wasn't invited to participate in the discussions you mention: he wasn't on the Council any longer. He was a private citizen.

A better question might be, was Councilwoman Clifton invited to participate?

matawan advocate said...

Whatever it cost it is wrong. It isn't an abstract idea,this is a fact! It is the fact that the Borough could be sued by these attorneys. Perhaps we should all bring a Class Action to be reimbursed for our tax dollars being misued! Typical of the Democratic majority, you'd rather focus on something else, than admit any wrongdoing on the part of the Council. Aufseeser did this without their consent,we didn't write the Resolution, ask your friends! Without laws, there is chaos. Who were the members who along with Mary Aufseeser interviewed these attorneys?

matawan advocate said...

Main St Manny, There is such a thing as a recall. Don't know the way it works, but to answer your question, yes there is something we can do.

Main Street Manny said...

This is the whole problem. The council should have been put on hold after Mayor Buccellato made it offical that he was going to challenge the election. When Mayor Mullaney (oh did I say that) I mean former Mayor Aufseeser decided to start making decisions without a final decision of the challenge is where all of these problems began. The driving force behind all of these problems is Bud Mullaney. It doesent sound like any of the members of the Democratic side make their own decisions. It is what Mullaney says. If it is found that he was the one who made the decision to do this request thing he should be removed immediately from council for acting outside of his boundry. There is a shocker! By the way anyone seen the Former Mayor around to see if she acted alone? Someone should warn her that Mr. Mullaney is throwing her under the bus and she could be held responsible in a class action law suit. She should come clean ASAP.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Buccellato took his name off the resolution as it was being read. He stated that before reading the resolution in its entirety.

Truth In Matawan said...

We know the softball field cost $21,000, half of which the borough is being asked to pay for, and this is a problem for some people.

We know the sewer exploration on Broad Street cost $2000, and that is a problem for some people.

So, comparing apples to apples, what did this cost the borough. Next time please answer the question instead of political partisan rhetoric; we can assure you we are part of no "leadership", Democratic or otherwise.

Also, you made mention of the fact that Mr. Buccellato was not invited to participate. Again, we ask, what about already-sworn-in Councilwoman Clifton?

matawan advocate said...

No. We reiterate, according to the resolution structured by the Democratic majority, former Mayor Mary Aufseeser acted alone, without the consent of the Council.
Why not ask Mary Aufseeser if she acted alone? If not, who was there? We can't answer questions that should be directed to her or Councilman Mullaney and Councilman Cannon.

matawan advocate said...

No one is disputing whether Mary Aufseeser is nice or not. The question is did she work alone or in consort with others? When the real truth is finally established let us know what you think then. We do not have hourly rates for the Boro Adm. or Clerk, etc. However, if a Class Action lawsuit is filed, the figures will be available.

BTW, we don't like Cream of Wheat.