Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Council Meeting Tonight at 7:30pm

Workshop begins at 6pm. Public welcome to observe. Comments should be held until the open floor portion of the Borough Cuncil meeting.

Softballl Field - We noted the Girls Softball League Field is on the Agenda for the Workshop. If you care about the field come to the meeting and voice your preferences. Demand your Council build that field for your children. Otherwise, you will be allowing Councilman Mullaney, Malley, Bunyon, Mendes and Cannon to make the choice for you and your children. SILENCE EQUALS CONSENT!

A misleading letter to the Editor of the Courier (a known Democratic slanted weekly) from Councilman "Bud" Mullaney stating it would cost the Borough $21,000. for the softball field is an out and out lie. The Softball and Baseball League stated they would pay half which equates to $10,500. for the Softball field. Now we know because we were there as Councilman Mullaney was pushing to have a soil test done in Gravelly Brook Park for approximately $2500., which would be ONLY Phase One of Soil Preparation. Of course, Maser Consulting will be happy to oblige...never heard any business refuse a job. The reality is that soil testing for best results should be done after the ground thaws, not in the middle of Winter. Once again Councilman Mullaney has no problem spending tax dollars for what he wants, when he wants it. Why would he send a letter to the Editor and intentially mislead residents? Good question....is it just a power play with no regard for the children? You be the judge!

Other items on the Workshop agenda are to discuss & review the Recreation Director position, discuss and review Recreation Commission Ordinance, Train Station Parking, discuss Matawan Poice Chief's request for a Lt. and Sgt. tests.

Borough Council Meeting Agenda - Edgewater Drive Parking Ordinance is scheduled for a vote.

Advertise to accept Request for Proposals for Fire Dept. euipment needs assessment.
Are you kidding me? Why not just ask the Fire Department Chief? This is a waste of time and money. Will this be another Beacon Study Report that will be paid for and disregarded by the Majority of the Council? What will this Study cost, well guess we will have to attend the meeting to find out.

Hope to see you at the meeting....


Anonymous said...

The Fire Chiefs what three new fire trucks.

matawan advocate said...

The Fire Chiefs asked if they could do the Equipment Needs Assessment, saving the Taxpayers $5,000. approx. for an outside source. After much discussion, the Council finally agreed to give them approx. 6 months, pending the Chiefs returning to the next Council Meeting with a time frame. Kudos to the Fire Chiefs, at least they are thinking of saving taxpayer's money.

Matawan's Bravest do a remarkable job. The Fire Chief mentioned possibilities of closing one Fire House, the lack of a hook and ladder (this would be to reach 3rd floors and above) locations, along with equipment needs.

These people are volunteers and dedicated to the people of Matawan. Why wouldn't we give them an opportunity to assess their needs in lieu of paying an outside source?

The majority Council must start communicating with the various Departments in order for Matawan to progress. The Council should not be "an old boys" club. Stop alienating the various departments in the Borough. Work as a team for the betterment of Matawan.

Our opinion" Why would we pay outside sources for getting data that is available in house?

Truth In Matawan said...

MA--you should edit your incorrect editorializing re: The Courier. It's owned by Joe Azzolina--you know, the REPUBLICAN that represented us in the assembly for three decades!!! So it's hardly a democratic slanted publication.

matawan advocate said...

Azzolina may be a Republican BUT Jim Purcell is definitely a Democrat. We stand by our statement the publication is a Democratoc slanted paper. Azzolina was disgruntled about Middletown not allowing him to build his complex. Wasn't it Azzolino who was not asked to run for office by the Republicans? Wasn't it Azzolino who attacks the Republicans any time he can? Jim Purcell is the Editor in Chief and most decidely a Democrat.

As you call yourself Truth, what is your observation of the Resolution for RFQ's added to the Agenda late last night? What is your position on the actions of Mary Aufseeser? To read more questions, check out my last comments on the MA.

matawan advocate said...

Truth, the Resolution is more important than your opinion of the Courier. We await your response.