Monday, February 11, 2008

Agenda for tonight's Council Meeting

Well folks one item we didn't see is the 2008 Budget. Now being reasonable, one must ask themselves, how do we spend money without an approved Budget? The answer is called "emergency appropriations". Sure there will be people looking for money from Matawan for good causes and in reality they should be considered. BUT not until we have an approved 2008 Budget. Unless it is an emergency, which according to my Webster's Dictionary of the English Language, Unabridged is: a sudden or unexpected occurence or occurences demanding prompt action; urgent necessity. That means no donations or spending unless it qualifies as an emergency! Perhaps that will get the "powers that be" to produce a Budget. Otherwise, we should all send our tax dollars into Matawan from our personal 2009 Budget!

Councilman Cannon the ball is in your court. Will you produce a 2008 Budget at tonight's Council meeting? We'll see.....


Aberdeener said...

APP reports the following:
Republican Councilwoman Linda Clifton has resigned her seat on the planning board after Democratic council members said she should step down because the process by which she was appointed was questionable. . .

The council voted Monday to appoint Councilman Kevin R. Mendes, a Democratic political newcomer who works for Key Auto Body on Main Street.

matawan advocate said...

Thanks Aberdeener. So many items needed more time to get notes together. Nice to see unbiased journalism.

Keep in touch.

Truth In Matawan said...

Can we get a little confirmation on this questionable process? Not casting aspersions--it seems too easy too at this point, frankly--but is it possible there was political wrongdoing ALREADY by the Buccellato administration, as some had predicted would be sure to happen?

To be clear, we're not saying there has been, we're ASKING for confirmation/clarification on this questionable process. Whoever knows what the article Aberdeener mentioned is referencing, help us out!

Lastly, isn't Kevin Mendes a two-year veteran of the planning & zoning board? Hardly a newcomer to that position, it seems! It's not like they voted to appoint MA's favorite Councilman, Bunyon!

matawan advocate said...

Wrongdoing, don't know about that.

Anonymous sent the article, which we published on our Blog.

Apparently, there are some actions that are allowed because it was done in previous years. That is what we got out of comments by Pat Menna, Esq. What comes to mind is the donation to the Boy Scouts. While the Supreme Court of the US stated in its findings the Boy Scouts discriminate, the Borough donated money to them on the basis that it had been done in previous years. Technically, we should not be donating "public funds" to organizations that discriminate. Point of information, the Girl Scouts do not fall into the same category.

Councilman Mendes, we have stated our opinions on his nomination and appointment no need to repeat.