Friday, February 29, 2008

Recreation Department Special Meeting Findings

It was good to witness the Council working together to bring a matter to completion. Mayor Buccellato conducted a productive meeting last night. Councilman Bunyon recommended Matawan adopt the same ordinance as Eatontown with a few modifications. This was seconded by Councilman Mullaney. Councilwoman Clifton encouraged the Council to make a decision and bring the matter to fruition. All members agreed and it was decided to take each item line by line in order to modify the Ordinance to meet the needs of Matawan. Mayor Buccellato then proceeded to read and request discussion from the Council as to modifications. All in all this went very well and an Ordinance should be ready by the next Borough Council meeting on March 4th.

Councilman Bunyon decision to start with the Ordinance instead of the Recreation Director position as the Agenda read was not met with any opposition. The Recreation Director position was put on hold until the Budget is presented to Council. It is the opinion of Councilman Cannon that this position must be part time with a salary as yet to be determined by the constraints of the Budget. Which by the way doesn't look good. Councilman Cannon is trying to do a good job for the people of Matawan, however, he is met with demands from other Council members to spend, spend, spend.

How can you possibly mention Gravelly Brook Park renovation when the Borough has more pressing matters to address. The Water Filtration system, the Police/Court Building, Fire Department and First Aid equipment needs, to name a few.

A small amount of politicking was evidenced by Councilman Mendes but the discussion was brought back to focus on the matter at hand by the Mayor. A good lesson is to be learned here, this Mayor runs a meeting without political agendas and tries to keep the focus on the issues.

Overall a job well done by Mayor Buccellato and the Council. It is amazing what they can accomplish when they work together.


Main Street Manny said...

I think we all agreed in the begining of the election that it would be interesting to see who goes there own way making decisions. If Cannon is the one who does things he truly believes is right and not what Lord Mullaney says. Kudos to Mike Cannon then!

matawan advocate said...

Councilman Cannon went along with the Resolution that stated former Mayor Aufseeser acted alone regarding the RFQ's from attorneys. So far we don't believe she acted alone, whether Cannon,Mullaney or other Council members were part of the deception is yet to be disclosed.

Regarding the Budget, Cannon is trying his best. Unfortunately, he inherited from Chairperson Meghan Mullaney,a Budget with a deficit of $125,000. and with no thought of increases, ie health insurance premiums, salary increases, etc. She was ill equipped to handle finances and now we pay the price. Councilman Cannon is a much better choice and is consciously trying to keep the increase as low as possible. Cannon has already told Mullaney there is no money for various items. However, Mullaney decided to dip into the Recreation Bond. Funny thing is Cannon reminded the Council that any use of the bond must be paid back. Whether or not Mullaney gets it, is yet to be determined. There may be many cutbacks. Think the Borough is in for a rude awakening. Hope we can all afford to live here!

Anonymous said...

Mayor's Fumbles, to have a working professional staff in place. Day workers still at 7 -11 ,he was against this in his campaign!!!! whats been done ???about it. old train station falling apart because of "YEARS of Republican party being in power for so many years and doing nothing ,so whats he doing about it??? So deny all these like you always do.

Truth In Matawan said...

Good point about the historic train station. Hey who was the Historical Committee Head? Oh why that was Mayor (then Councilman) Buccellato!

The train station looks great! So does the 7-11! Good job anonymous!