Thursday, August 30, 2007

WHOSE BEEN PLAYING at the Jackson Street Park

Has anyone noticed work going on at the Jackson Street Park? It seems a mysterious benefactor has been ripping up the concrete and laying a new concrete path with an additional walkway to the basketball court. Now who authorized this work to be done, who's paying for it and were the day laborers doing work there paid "pre-vailing wage?" It is a Municipal project. Once again a mystery prevails in Matawan. Think about this....Michael Mullaney is Chairman of the Recreation Committee....Mary Mullaney is on the Committe....."Bud" Mullaney" was seen at the Park with the "day laborers." It just so happens there is a "Basketball Tournament headed by Michael Mullaney in Sept at this park. If this is a Recreation Committee expense, why wasn't it discussed with the Borough Council? If the concrete was donated...shouldn't we know by whom? If it was a Matawan Borough contractor....what do they expect in return for their gift and do they have any projects going before the Planning/Zoning Board. As a side note, Councilman "Bud Mullaney" is on the Planning/Zoning Committee. Coincidence?

Is our mysterious benefactor going to place a safety base under the childrens play equipment? Now that would be a gift....children are more important than the park "looking pretty."

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