Monday, August 6, 2007

Borough Council Meeting Wed. Aug. 8, 2007

Due to National Night Out, the Borough Council will meet on Wed., August 8, 2008. Answers to the findings re: $85,000. grant Councilman "Photo Op" Mullaney claimed went unspent by the previous administration should be answered at this meeting. Word is that he is wrong. Wonder if Mullaney will acknowledge that he was "dead-wrong." Per Mayor Aufseeser, it was an obvious political move. That in itself is funny since it was this administration that dropped the ball. Sounds like the Mayor is covering for the Administrator who is covering for the Mayor. Round and round we go! Fact is the letters were sent to the Mayor and Administrator who apparently did not share the information with the Council. This administration is engulfed in secrecy. As to the rest of the Agenda it hasn’t been posted as yet.

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