Thursday, August 9, 2007

Shame on you Mayor Aufseeser

At last night's lengthy Council meeting, it was revealed that Fred Carr, Borough Administrator, bought the Mayor a new laptop for $1900. Mayor Aufseeser said I didn't know about it until tonight. Oh you poor baby....what has the Borough done to you. I'm sorry but if the Mayor doesn't know when she is purchased a $1900. (loaded with software)computer, then she should not be Mayor! By the way, the Matawan Library has several computers available to the public for free!

According to Fred Carr the laptop was purchased three months ago. The Mayor was given a laptop previously that wasn't being utilized by the Borough. However, Carr could not account for its whereabouts. The Mayor tried to say she didn't realize it was a new laptop.

Under the blanket phrase of "bill paying" this administration has hidden their spending from the taxpayers of Matawan. The only solution is to have a copy of the bills to be paid along with the agenda available to the public at Council meetings. This administration needs to be accountable to the taxpayers of Matawan. It makes you wonder what else have they been hiding?

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