Thursday, August 30, 2007

American Flags on Main Street Matawan

The American flags that were flying on Main Street have been taken down. Wonder why? Labor Day is Monday and it's sad that the flags will not be flying. That is unless the same people who took them down will put them back up. Things in Matawan are sure getting bizarre.

Whether the flags are flying or not...enjoy the day off......may you have a safe Labor Day.

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Downtown Susie said...

Has our borough become a sanctuary city? Take a walk or drive up and down Main St. and see all the illegals, especially at 7-11! At least Quick Check tries to shoo them away from loitering at their store. And what's up with the PA and North Carolina plates? Don't our police know that the illegals register in those states because they don't require the ID credentials that Jersey does? Or have the police been told to leave them alone? If so by who?