Monday, August 20, 2007

Matawan Boro Council Mtg 8/21 at 7:30pm

Tuesday at 7:30pm the Borough Council will vote on adopting the 2007 Budget. First it must vote on the Amendment, which will include the $100,000 in State Aid. Then we will be told what the increase will be and the Council will vote on it. Keep in mind that this increase is only part of the new tax structure. January 2008 we will be hit with the revaluation figures. It will be sad to see how many more homes will be up for sale in Matawan. Worse yet would be foreclosure. How many of our Senior citizens can afford to keep their homes?

Upon reviewing the Agenda for tomorrow's meeting, it is noteworthy that nothing of any real importance is being done in Matawan. What's going on with the Water Plant, Redevelopment, Illegal aliens, etc., etc? What will be done with the $10,000. annual donation from American Properties for the next three (3) years? That is $30,000. for the good of the Borough. At a recent Planning & Zoning Board meeting, Mr. Schimanowitz did state American Properties is willing to make a voluntary contribution of $30,000 ($10,000 annually)to the Borough for the Borough to use as it sees fit. When will Matawan's web site make available information for the residents, i.e. agendas, meeting minutes....

Let the Borough Council know where you stand on the issues. Come and be heard at the Borough Council meetings.

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Anonymous said...

The Borough website is a disaster. It makes our town look like a joke. NONE OF THE LINKS HAVE BEEN WORKING FOR OVER A MONTH!