Thursday, September 4, 2008

Update on the Big Blue House on Main Street

Good news on the Big Blue House. Residents interested in this home of historical significance hired an Attorney who brought any decision on this property to a halt for the time being. The current business owner wishes to change the zoning to Commercial Use and rent out as office space.

We encourage all who wish to see this beautiful home restored to its former glory, please support these residents in their blight. All too often historical locations are torn down or rezoned for business purposes. Once they are gone, you cannot bring back history. We would love to see this home restored to its former beauty by someone who is interested in the preservation of historical landmarks.

We encourage all who wish to maintain Matawan's historical sites to attend the Planning & Zoning Board meetings. Please help preserve Matawan's history.

Another building of historical significance is the Matawan Train Station. You may have noticed the porch has been taken down in the interest of public safety. The structural pieces have been saved for restoration purposes. The station will be receiving a fresh coat of paint utilizing the colors from the time period it was built. This is NJ Transit property and we appreciate them finally doing something to preserve Matawan's history. Can't wait to see it restored. Just think we will no longer be embarrassed when visitors to Matawan are greeted by the "blighted" appearance of the area. It will stop being an eyesore and give one of the entrances to Matawan a sorely needed face lift.

More to follow as it progresses.


Anonymous said...

If you save the big, blue house, don't forget the sea captain's house at 4 Fountain Avenue. It was built by Capt. Watson Fisher, the father of Stanley Fisher, who died in the shark attack of 1916. If the town truly sees Stanley as a hero - save his birthplace!

matawan advocate said...

Good point! Why not contact the Matawan Historical Society and remind them of this gem. We will check ourselves and advise what we find out.