Sunday, September 28, 2008


With all the web sites, didn't anyone look into the probability of rain?


Anonymous said...

Well, maybe other Matawan activities should be canceled as well. The belt needs to be tightened. Lets skip the fireworks, etc. so we don't have to put up the for sale sign. Please help Council, before Matawan is turned to the land of foreclosures.

matawan advocate said...

The fireworks were about $4,000. Compared to the new Borough Attorney fees for last month of about $8,000. At least residents could see how their money was utilized with the fireworks. In retrospect would you have spent money on Engineering fees, knowing you are working with a deficit? This does not sound like a Council that knows finance.

The Council needed to tighten belts back in Jan. 2008 when we started out with a $125,000. deficit in Medical. It is too late at this point. They did not plan appropriately for the medical deficit last year, nor did they plan for it this year. Yet they went on spending knowing full well revaluations were on their way. We will all pay for their folly.

As it is an election year, the majority Democratic Council might be considering some cutbacks. If not the public outcry will be heard. If cutbacks are necessary hopefully it won't result in cutback of services or lay-offs in the Borough. Perhaps they think we will forget all their poor financial planning when it came to spending our tax dollars from Jan. thru Sept. 2008.

The Borough Council works for the residents of the Borough. As such it is their responsiblity to have planned in a prudent fashion. They must consider handling their civic responsibility as if their "Political Life" depends on it!

Thanks for your comments.