Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Follow Up to Borough Council Meeting

Last night's Council meeting was an exercise in learning how the Council spends your tax dollars and wastes time.

Recreation - Following months in review by the Recreation Commission with no input, following much time being wasted in discussion(which should have been spent on more pressing matters) it was the decision of Councilman Bunyon, Chairman of the Recreation Commission (or was it Councilman Mullaney) to vote no to adopting the Resolution. Are you kidding me? This was the stupidest, biggest waste of time we have ever heard. Why would Councilman Bunyon, who after months of pushing to get this to a vote would he vote NO. We did noticed Councilman Mullaney spoke to Bunyon prior to the vote. Well let's see who else voted NO, Councilman Mullaney, Councilman Mendes and Councilman Malley. It's called POLITICS. Bunyon is running for election this Nov. You remember he got the lowest number of votes and was appointed to the position of Councilman. Who is the big contributor to Matawan's Democratic Party.....Vic Scudiery.

Let's look a little further who is on the Recreation Commission. Councilman Bunyon, Councilman Malley, Councilman Mullaney, Councilman Mullaney's son, Michael Mullaney, Councilman Mullaney's wife, Mary Mullaney, Pat Coleman and the new Recreation Director. It has become obvious that the Mullaney's run the Recreation Commission. It is apparent Councilman Mullaney tries to run every Commission, excluding Finance. There is no glory in finance,,,,you can't spend money in that have to look for money.

Mayor's Report - Mayor Buccellato instructed the Borough Administrator, Fred Carr, to ask all Borough Departments to cut 10% from their respective budgets. As the Borough has already spent 74% of its Budget so far this year. We are confused, is the Borough in financial difficulty or is Councilman Cannon's assessment that all will be fine correct? Are we being misled? Time will tell. As Councilman Cannon has stated, in Nov. will there be any line items to be shifted to cover the deficit?

The Mayor directed the Borough Attorney, Mr. Aaron, for the 4th time to instruct the Council on the correct procedures to spend Borough funds. A member of the Council , without authorization, incurred two invoices for Gravelly Brook Park work. This is outrageous! Are there no consequences for this unauthorized spending? Guess not! After all didn't Aufseeser act without the authority or consent of the Council last year and spend Borough money. It must be a Democrat thing. We think they walk around Borough Hall saying, "we don't need no stinkin' consent!" Even though the Democrats have the majority, they should NOT be allowed to incur bills on behalf of the taxpayers without the knowledge and consent of the Council. This is a democracy. Even the audience members know by now what the procedures are for spending Borough funds. More to follow on these invoices at the next Council meeting.

Police Department - Authorization to purchase a new Police vehicle was given. Discussion followed about purchasing another Police vehicle. Councilman Mullaney stated his position is that we need another Police vehicle as it is a safety issue. At one point he demanded an emergency meeting to purchase the 2nd vehicle. Following a call to the C.F.O. it was decided to hold off the purchase of the second vehicle until insurance money would become available in about 30 days. After scaring audience members by his safety statement, Mullaney backed down when it was stated THERE WAS NO MONEY and therefore, no reason for an emergency meeting. He should think before he speaks.

The employment contracts for Chief Alston, Lt. Gallo and Lt. Smith were signed.

The invoices for the Police Dept. new computers were authorized to be paid.

Maser Consulting - All Resolutions authorizing engineering/surveying work to be done were passed by the Council. We do seem to have money for engineering/surveying work. Oh wait, is that using the Bonding money? We find it amusing that they throw the words "Bond Money" around like it is free money.

2007-2008 Road Program - No surprise, the Council voted to proceed with advertising for bids. Well we will be paying for this increeased Road Program through BONDING .

Yes, we are seeing improvements to Matawan infrastructure, our Police Department have new cars, new computers and that is a positive. January 2009 will be Matawan's defining moment. Will we be able to pay the increased property taxes or will Matawan become a place that used to be affordable? What are we kidding...we can barely afford the taxes now.


Anonymous said...

Let's look a little further who is on the Recreation Commission. Councilman Bunyon (Mullaney's lackey), Councilman Malley, Councilman Mullaney, Councilman Mullaney's son, Michael Mullaney, Councilman Mullaney's wife, Mary Mullaney, Pat Coleman (Mullaney's neighbor)and the new Recreation Director (Bunyon's neighbor).

Why don't we just send a portion of our tax dollars to Mullaney's house. Total joke.

Anonymous said...

I think Councilman Mullaney should not vote on any Recreation issues. Isn't that a conflict???
The council is spending too much time and money on rec. Too many other things need to be done in Matawan.
Has Mr. Mullaney looked at Police Headquarters and the Court??? That building is an embarassment to the town.

Mayor wants all dept.'s to cut 10% from it's budget. Many depts. have already been cut to way below normanl, except recreation!!!

Come on members of the council. Work together for the betterment of Matawan, or you might find yourself out of office in November. What would Mullaney do then????