Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Matawan Workshop Meeting 8-19 Tues. at 7pm

The Matawan Borough Council Workshop meeting has been rescheduled to 8-19, Tues. at 7pm. To be followed by the Matawan Borough Council regular meeting at 7:30pm.

Let's see some teamwork from the Council in lieu of policking. If they can stay on target perhaps they can get through the Workshop Agenda. If they contnue bickering, politicking, playing the blame game, then they are doing a disservice to the residents of Matawan. What is more important than discussing the acquisition of Fire Department equipment? Switch items on the Agenda, Mayor. As the Recreation Committee has been sitting on the Recreation Ordinance for such a long time, why not switch that on the Agenda to the end. Park Rules & Regulations should not take that much time and would start the process to give residents relief from their current problem.

If the Council is serious about the welfare of Matawan, then they will act in a professional, dedicated manner, putting politics and personal agendas aside. Council people try to familiarize yourselves with correspondence/data on the Agenda. All too often we have witnessed delays in the Agenda as one Council person or another has stated they didn't get the memo, email or data. Come on now, let's get your stuff together.

When it comes to improving Matawan too many Council members argue, criticize and point their fingers at others. Let's say "NO" to partisanship!


Anonymous said...

We do need a hook and ladder. Why can't we purchase a demo or a used one with low mileage. We don't need a million dollar truck if we don't have enough people to man the truck. Matawan is in need of so much and we don't have money. Maybe it's time to realize that we don't have to purchase the best of anything. The second or even the third best will do. Look at our police station and our court, both are in deplorable condition. Come on council, let's work together and stop being babies. Be open to suggestions from each other, no matter what party. As a 30 year resident of this town, if this spending keeps up I, along with many others, will have to move!!!

matawan advocate said...

Good point. Very well said.
Thanks for your comments.