Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Matawan Borough Workshop Wed., 8-13 at 7pm

Workshop meeting to be held on Wed., August 13th, at 7pm at 201 Broad St., Matawan Borough Municipal Center.

The Agenda will include a presentation on Medical benefits.

Discussions will follow on:
1. Orlowski Easement - retaining wall

2. Recreation
a. Recreation Ordinance
b. Park Rules & Regulations, including Park hours

3. Clinton Street one way (between Broad & Orchard)

4. 150 Main Street Alarm System

5. Vacating Easement regarding Broad Street property owned by Borough

6. Mill Road resident sewer connection

7. FIRE DEPARTMENT - Discussion in reference to fire apparatus
(per previous Council meeting, assume this refers to new Hook & Ladder truck)

It is good to read the process will begin with the discussion added to the Agenda.

The one question that has yet to be answered by the Council is where is the money coming from for all the projects they have listed on their Agenda? No change can be made to the 2008 Budget and we are already operating at a decifit of $300,000. for medical only. Wonder what the overall deficit is now? Good question for the meeting.

If you are concerned about the purchase of a new Hook & Ladder, as well as, other Agenda items you might want to come to the meeting to hear for yourself what your Council is planning and what it will cost us.

Hope to see you there.....

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