Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Matawan Borough Council Mtg 8-6-08 @ 7:30pm

Borough Council meeting tonight at 201 Broad Street at 7:30pm. The 2008 Budget is one of the items being passed. Matawan has received discretionary funds from Trenton. However, the Council may BOND for whatever they deem necessary, thus raising property taxes. Keep in mind BONDS MUST BE PAID BACK.

This year alone the majority Council has jumped all over the place with their list of projects they want to bond. Due to the Borough operating at a DEFICIT, the only way to get the funding is through bonding. To date the majority Council has not prioritized in order of importance what needs to be done vs. their personal agenda. In a perfect world we would have all our roads paved, Gravelly Brook Park restored, Main St Bldg restored, a budget that operates in the black, not RED, a new hook and ladder truck, the Dams in Matawan repaired and a functional Borough Council. BUT we are not in a perfect world. How can the Council members (who we remind you, were voted into office) bond all of these projects and tax us out of our homes. At this time the economy is in an undeclared recession. Doesn't our Council read the newspapers, watch TV, buy food, fill up their cars and understand taxpayers are financially stressed? Apparently not! How could they in good conscience add to our tax burdens? Residents don't get pay increases to match the ever increasing property taxes in Matawan.

We will be anxious to hear tonight where the money is coming from for all the projects. We will be anxious to hear how much of an increase to our taxes all of these projects will cost. There just might be more homes for sale in Matawan, only problem for homeowners will be who can afford to buy into Matawan's taxes.

Hope to see you at the meeting.....

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