Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Send in the Clowns

The Borough Council meetings are getting more like a circus than a productive meeting. Mr. Aaron, Borough Attorney must explain to council members over and over again the legal ramifications of their proposed actions. The Council members are so busy politicking, they don't listen. Gentlemen the election is not until November! Do you think you could work on the problems at hand and save the politicking for outside the meeting?

Sharkfest - Guess what? Ms. Bonelli of the Matawan Alliance made an appearance at last night's meeting. She was requesting immediate action on the part of the Council to allow the Matawan Alliance to hold Sharkfest. While there have been many inquiries about Sharkfest, the Council cannot act immediately. There is an Ordinance in Matawan established by former Mayor Aufseeser and passed by the Council that formed a Special Events Committee. All outside groups must apply and be reviewed by this Committee who in turn make their recommendation to the Council. Councilman Mullaney kept trying to circumvent the ordinance and Ms. Bonelli kept insisting that she needed an immediate response. Finally the Mayor told Ms Bonelli and the Council that he would not allow a vote as it would violate the law in the Borough! While he was previously quick to interrupt a resident by claiming we had a lengthy agenda, he encouraged Ms. Bonelli to continue to make her point, time was no problem then. Amusingly enough, when it comes to an issue the Councilman is supporting he has all the time in the world. Well we saw right through it! This was a well planned, orchestrated move. Could it be the entire event has been planned, commitments have been made, and it would embarrass the Matawan Alliance if they didn't get approval for the Sharkfest? Why else did Ms. Bonelli show up demanding approval for Sharkfest? Why else would Councilman Mullaney cut short a resident speaking? Was it so Ms. Bonelli could make her demands and then leave? Why else did Councilmen Malley and Mullaney try to push for a vote? Do they really think the people of Matawan are stupid and can't see what they are doing? In the words of Judge Judy, "Don't pee on my leg and tell me its raining."

For the record the Matawan Alliance sponsored events are well received in Matawan. We support any event that brings people to our Community and encourages business. We do hope the Borough can afford this event and the Special Events Committee can work quickly to reach a decision on their recommendation. More to follow...

Ghost Sighting - Did anyone else notice former Mayor Aufseeser slither in and out of last night's ceremony? She was sighted speaking with the Borough Attorney. Needless to say she didn't stay for the meeting. Wow, two ghosts in one night. The Matawan Alliance and Mary Aufseeser....

Street Sweeper - Councilman Mullaney reported the new street sweeper is expected to arrive in mid-August. We regret the Council didn't have the foresight to come up with an alternative plan until the new sweeper arrives. Residents have reported grass, small trees, dirt and debris on the streets. It has been reported residents are shoveling and sweeping the dirt into piles. Keep in mind you can't throw the street debris in trash bins for collection. Poor planning.

Sale of Former Health Dept., Broad Street - This sale has been postponed. There was only one bidder and there are legal issues regarding easements that must be investigated.

Dog Licenses - Councilman Cannon reported that the deadline for obtaining Dog Licenses is August 1, 2008. If you have a dog, please stop by the Matawan Borough Community Center at 201 Broad St and fill out a license application. You must have proof of rabies shots.

The way we see it the Council is getting distracted by non-urgent issues, i.e. Sharkfest and not concentrating on important matters. Borough employees who are working without a signed contract for 2 years, an alternative plan for keeping the Streets of Matawan clean, the water treatment plant, the feasibility of the 2008 Road Program to name just a few. The Budget is still pending...waiting to hear if we will receive financial aid from Trenton.

Hope to see you at the next meeting....


matawan advocate said...

Anonymous, We had to delete your comment. First of all, the Council, not the Mayor, vote on the Budget increase or decrease. The problem the Borough is facing at this time is based on poor money management on the part of the Democratic majority. We started out this year with a deficit of $125,000. Try to pay this year's property taxes with next year's salary. As to your tax bill and your neighbors tax bill, once again, the Realty Appraisal firm was chosen by, guess who, the Democratic majority Council.

If you are going to attack the Mayor or anyone else at least get your facts straight. You obviously don't know how the municipal government works.

We welcome comments, ideas and facts, that can be proven. If an investigation is called for in Matawan, the Mayor isn't the one who should be worried. From what we hear an investigation has been ongoing and not regarding the current Mayor.

Anonymous said...

The only investigation that is presently going on involves a previous male republican Mayor!! Question about last tuesday meeting. When a Union Street residentasked a question and tghe town attorney gave and answer,whywas the person "UNABLE TO UNDERSTAND THE ANSWER!!! Everyone else in attendance seem to know what was said, Wasn't answer what had been "PROGRAMED" and confused the person who asked it.. Maybe the people asking questions, shouldn't be programed by some one else to speak for them!!

Anonymous said...

As the person from Union St to whom you refer, my name is Agnes Falk. Anyone who knows me, and who knows me better than my family, laughed at your comment. NO ONE put words in my mouth. Ask my husband if you don't believe me :-). I was asking for a decision, yes or no. I don't think we will be seeing Councilmen doing work for the Borough and voting to pay themselves in the future. If you believe it is okay then you should have gotten up to voice your opinion.

My husband and I pay taxes, reside in Matawan and vote, this entitles me to speak my mind at Council meetings. By the way, we live in a Borough not a town. We have a Borough Attorney.

You have the right to a different opinion. Please feel free to approach me at any Council meeting for a discussion of ideas. I will continue to voice my opinions and question any wrongdoing when I see it. Only sheep follow blindly, but they don't think!

If you wish to contact me, my email address is:

Agnes E. Falk

matawan advocate said...

The investigation we heard about was from the Prosecutors' office and refer to we believe, Mary Aufseeser. If this isn't true, please enlighten us.

Thank you Agnes Falk for responding to anonymous. Couldn't have said it better!

James said...

It's good to see that the Matawan Alliance has decided to try and hold this Sharfest afterall. Hopefully they can get approval for it. I guess they didn't realise how popular it had become when they decided to cancel it this year.

matawan advocate said...

James, As long as it doesn't cost the Borough (taxpayers) any money, we also think it is a great idea. As Mullaney was pushing for it, sounds like it is a done deal.

More to follow as information becomes available. Thanks for writing in.

Anonymous said...

Anges Falk: I though you were one of the Clowns,of SEND IN THE CLOWNS?? Ask your husband I don't think so!! Does he ever attend meetings with you??? I doubt it!!

Anonymous said...

Advocate: If you could see straight , you would be able read the word "PREVIOUS MAYOR" in the posting of JULY 4th.. NOT the 'PRESENT MAYOR'. I guess your anger must cloud your vision!!

Anonymous said...

Andy Lopez & Agnes Falk seem to know how everything should be done!! Why don't they run for office and straighten this borough out??? All they do is come to meetings with negative remarks!! GROW UP YOU TWO!!

matawan advocate said...

Why would you attack residents who are speaking their minds and criticizing wrongdoing? In the words of our first President, George Washington, "If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter."

Well, Dumb and Silent, we challenge you to have Mary Aufseeser deny she was questioned by the Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office! We challenge you to prove that Councilman Mendes did not vote to pay his family owned business for work performed for the Borough. We challenge you to prove that Councilman Mullaney, dba Mullaney Tires, did work for the Borough. We challenge you to prove that a Borough employee wasn't given retirement benefits outside the Collective Bargaining Agreement with the IBEW.

Mr. Lopez and Ms, Falk say positive things and speak out when they think taxes are being used and abused inappropriately. The current action of the Council is to ignore them by shuffling papers, making themselves look busy, and not commenting on issues they bring up. But hey truth is a hard thing to argue with and the Council members who lied were caught, what else could they do. They sure as hell didn't deny it.

We feel sorry for people like you who can't face the truth. There are men and women who fought and continue to fight for our freedoms. We would never forgive ourselves if they fought and died defending our freedom of speech and we gave it away for some Bozo!

In the words of Voltaire, "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."

Now can we get back to the exchange of ideas and stop the personal attacks!