Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Matawan Borough Council "Big Brother Complex"

Is Matawan getting what it bargained for when looking at our Borough Council? Having several issues with the Council, couldn't help but wonder what the people who voted for them think? Do they feel that their elected officials are voting in the residents best interests? Do you think they know how to correct the deficit facing the Borough. Is Matawan headed for bankruptcy? Do you believe an inexperienced Councilman (with good intentions) is heading up the Redevelopment Committee. Several Councilmen have some kind of conflict of interest. Councilman Mullaney sits on the Board of a local hospital with Vic Scudiery (who owns property at the Redevelopment Site), Councilman Mendes works for a family owned business also located at the Site. Sounds like some of the Council will have to abstain from any vote on the Transit Village. Should Matawan have more professional/educated people on Council in order to produce a balanced budget and make decisions that are prudent? Or do we just need people who don't have their own agendas, political or otherwise? Please don't be redundant and blame the previous administration for all Matawan's woes. At this point, let's hear some solutions, let's work together to bring Matawan to a better place.

We don't claim to be know-it-alls, but we do criticize the Council members when they act, in our opinion, in a manner that is not to Matawan's advantage. We do research and give our opinions based on that research.

Observations at Council Meetings show a total disregard of residents and their questions or opinions. Sometimes Council members are actually rude to one another, interrupting and making caustic remarks to each other. One Council Member in particular becomes rude and disrespectful when questioned. Can you imagine that! An elected official actually forgot that he was elected and can be voted out of office just as quickly. There is always the thought/rumor that he will not run again for office and thus doesn't really "give a damn" what residents have to say. Sound like "Big Brother," you bet! The attitude that they are all knowing and the residents know nothing is just absurd.

It is time that the Council treated residents and each other with respect and decorum.


Anonymous said...

You like to forget the past when the Council and Mayor were of "one" party. They dug the deep financial hole we are now in. WE DON'T forget that easily you want to criticize every move the council makes trying to 'Correct' their blunders.. When they didn't have the money to buy thing's they BONDED IT. This adds 50% to the cost of all they bought.. Now WE the Tax payers are indebted for it. So 'Quit " tearing apart the present members and grow up. Face the facts. The past 'IS" haunting us all!!!!

matawan advocate said...

This Council has made many "blunders" themselves. Who is going to correct them? Since they are the controlling party and Batman is busy? Certain members of the current Council got elected using innuendo, deceit and scare tactics regarding the Transit Village. The person(s) who are guilty of such low actions know who they are. That is not the procedure honest people should use to get elected.

These are the facts we have currently faced.....this Council voted to give retiring employees benefits outside of their agreements at taxpayers expense, the money for the additions to the 2008 Road Program is coming from....BONDING, poor money management had Matawan at a deficit starting this year of $125,000.with no end in sight ,former Mayor Aufseeser was charged by her own party members of acting on her own regarding RFQs from Attorneys. The Transit Village farce has been to Court twice with the same results, Matawan and its Council are NOT GUILTY of any wrongdoing. These are the actions of a greedy Developer. There is a 5% chance Silver Oaks will take it to the NJ Supreme Court. They have twenty days to do so. Councilman Cannon claimed we have refinanced bonds to get a lower interest rate. How does that equate to 50%? We could go on, but enough said!

Please don't waste time working the "blame game." You can sit there remembering and we will continue to comment on the actions of the Council...good and bad.

BTW, we are all grown up...wouldn't it be funny if we were children and knew this much about the actions of the Council?

Seriously, let's stop the political hacking and work for a better Matawan.

Main Street Manny said...

This council won because "Batman" drove the elderly to the poles in either his own vehicle or a bus. The "power" of today also had people outside of the poles yelling to vote for there affiliation to the point that the voting board had to come down and take control. LOL! Fun and games. UNREAL!

matawan advocate said...

Main St Manny, Yes, you are correct. What a sad commentary.

Thanks for keeping it real. We forgot about those antics.

Main Street Manny said...

According to the Asbury Park Press ( Section) 3 people were caught in Hazlet with firearms after gunplay in Clinton Street Park. This is exactly what I been talking about. The police don't have enough. Give them everything they need and want. Bet the only people they responded to that call were the police. Bet they were the only people that would respond there. Its just the begining. They need help now and need to be paid appropriately for the work they do.

matawan advocate said...

Great Police work all around.

Main Street Manny said...

Yes it was Great Police Work but my point is they need more. 2 officers on the road at a time is not enough. Police work needs to be more on a personal level in my opinion. If you dont have time to do that with different programs or having the time to meet the people, and know the people of the town, the people will not trust the officers. This town spends money on the most ridiculous things and him and huh about anything the public safety departments need. Give them anything they need. There is millions of dollars of equipment in that building they call "Public Works". What is that for when there is no one to use them and the town subbed the grass cutting?

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else noticed Councilman Mullaney sitting in the Community Center parking lot between the hours of 7-7:30am? Since the four day work week has been implemented, the Councilman appears to be checking to see what time the employees arrive. Talk about "big brother."

Main Street Manny said...

Got to love that guy! Always looking out for the best interests of the Borough. (Sarcasm!)

matawan advocate said...

Anonymous 2, This falls under the category of "are you kidding me." What is Mullaney's purpose, other than to annoy the Borough employees? Isn't it the job of the Borough Administrator to check work schedules? Instead of checking on employees, which isn't his job, why wasn't he paying attention when he voted to give benefits outside the contracts of retiring employees? Does he want to nickel and dime the Borough employees, while he votes to give away dollars to Maser Consulting, make additions to the 2008 Road Program,Matawan Alliance, etc.

Why not work on how we get rid of the filth in the streets as we wait for the new Street Sweeper? That happens to fall under the auspices of Mullaney's position in the Borough?

Anonymous said...

IF you had an administrator worth his salary like when Valentino was the administrator then you could expect him to ride herd over the staff.

But, since the current BA is generally worthless to council, staff and citizen alike. . .

matawan advocate said...

Sooooooooooooorry, don't believe we need a Councilman to play "Big Brother" over Borough employees. Obviously, the Democratic majority would like to get rid of the Borough Administrator. However, first they would have to show documentation that he is not doing his job. Then Matawan would have to pay him upon his departure from the position.

When a part-time Borough Administrator was discussed some time ago(which would save the Borough money) it was frowned upon by the Democratic majority.

So please do not imply that the Borough employees need a Councilman to sit in the parking lot every morning to watch them. These are adult workers who have families and don't need anyone to babysit them. If they weren't doing their job, don't you think someone would notice?

Main Street Manny said...

I must say I was just thinking about all of these Borough employees in the Broad Street Building. I would be interested to see how many secretaries, office mgrs., and clerks there were just before the move. That is when Borough Hall was on Main street. There has to be double the amount of employees now compared to then. I remember about 4 employees upstairs and about 4 downstairs. There are that many just in sight of the main window at borough hall. That isnt even what is behind the walls that you can not see. Why? Does everyone need an assistant?

Anonymous said...

Matawan advocate: Go to school and learn about bonding money!! When a purchase of anything by the borough is bonded, it cost 25% for the bonding company and 25%for the attorneys. Example: So if they purchase a new vehicle for any department,and the cost is $25,00.00 for the vehicle. $12500.00 is added on for the attorney handling it,$12,500.00 is the cost for the bonding company..So the $25,000 vehicle now costs the borough $50,000.00 dollars.This is what has happened in the past, so how can the present council straighten out what they did? But you are to wrapped up in your political views to realize this fact. Keep digging a deeper hole for the Borough with your childish writings.No matter what councilman Cannon does about getting new rates, the debt was existing before he came aboard!!He is just refinancing to slow the bleeding of our tax dollars caused by past Republican administrations

matawan advocate said...

Anonymous, Your comment concerning education should be made to the Borough Council as they are CURRENTLY bonding. Sadly, the following is facts, not the rantings of a child! Now that you have enlightened us perhaps you can tell us why the current Council is bonding into a bigger DEFICIT! A deficit caused by the current Borough Council and their mismanagement of the Borough's funds over the last several years.

During the current financial DEFICIT, do you think Matawan should be bonding for restoration of the Main St. Building, bonding for restoration of Gravelly Brook Park, awarding engineering fees to Maser Consulting for soil testing at Gravelly Brook Park, awarding a no-bid contract to Maser Consulting of $300,000.,bonding for expanding the 2008 Road Program, giving benefits to Borough employees outside their respective employment agreements, need we go on!

Councilman Cannon has two faces, one he shows as a responsible Chairman of the Finance Committee and the other he is a "good" (sic) little Democrat voting along party lines to over-burdened our Borough. Did you forget Cannon was on board the Borough Council previously, as a Republican? Is the bleeding you reference self-inflicted? If so, we will need a mega "Scooby Doo" bandaid!

We are still waiting for the Council to advise how they will curb spending and reduce the deficit.

What you call "childish" writings we call observations. If you want to play the blame game, the Council is the one digging Matawan into a deeper hole, not us. Except they are not using a shovel they are using a back-hoe!

Thanks for your comments.

Anonymous said...

You ARE LIKE AN OSTRICH, Even an ostrich pulls his head out, you don't .You like believing the fairy tales of "YOUR" Party!! If the Dams were repaired in 1992,for 9 million dollars,like what was proposed and knocked down the Mayor of that time , WE wouldn't be facing a $30 + repair now!! Yes we should cut back spending. You can start by requesting "all" services from the borough that you get, be eliminated!!

matawan advocate said...

The only mention of the dams we recall was Councilman Malley requesting a meeting on the dams. Sorry to say the Mayor has not responded. Can you provide documentation of your 1992 cost of $9mil and the current figure of $30+ mil, you claim now? You seem to know something no one else knows.
We agree, Matawan needs to cut back on spending.

If you would take your head out of
the sand, you will hear the Democratic majority bonding Matawan into bankruptcy. No previous Administration has done that!

BTW, where was your voice when the Democratic majority gave Maser Consulting a $300,000. no bid contract? Let's live in the present. Can't change the past.