Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Borough Council/Workshop Mtg Starting @ 7:30pm

Matawan Borough Council Workshop will meet at 7:30pm. Following the Workshop meeting and beginning at 8:15pm, the Borough Council meeting will begin.

Agenda items for Workshop - a. Six month Budget Review
b. Humane Society Agreement for
extended Payment
c. Gas pricing
d. 150 Main Street Alarm
e. Tax Relief

Agenda for Council Meeting - We are sure their will be an announcement regarding the $200,000. in discretionary aid Matawan will be receiving from Trenton. Equally important is the appellate court's decision in Matawan's favor in the Silver Oaks v. Matawan Borough (which includes Council members). Let's hope this is the beginning of progress in Matawan and some much needed tax relief for its residents. Barring Silver Oaks dragging this on to the NJ Supreme Court, Matawan can move forward.

Under new business

Resolution 08-07-25 - Authorizing the Sharkfest.
Comment: We are happy to see the Sharkfest is back this year. If it doesn't cost the Borough's taxpayers any tax dollars we look forward to an enlightening event. From what we have heard from the Special Events Committee, their recommendation to the Council is this event is to cost the Borough nothing and all costs will be paid by the Matawan Alliance. Should the Council try to give the Matawan Alliance FREE services, i.e. Borough employee costs associated with the opening of the Community Center, Police & Safety, etc., this will beg the question: If the Matawan Alliance is using taxpayer dollars, why are their books not avaialble to the public. If it is good enough for the Girls Softball League and the Babe Ruth League, why is it that the Matawan Alliance has not to date made their books open to the public?

Other items are appointing Assistant Summer Program Recreation Director 2008, several contract awards for the Water & Sewer Department along with necessary business.

Hope to see you there............


Main Street Manny said...

Main Street Alarm?

matawan advocate said...

Police Chief Alston reported that a new alarm system is needed for 150 Main St. It is required to have the building alarmed.

matawan advocate said...

Main St Manny, In checking our notes, the Mayor asked the Council to deal with the alarm issue. However, the Council did not want to vote on it at last night's meeting. Needless to say the Council did nothing. Time will tell what the ramifications of this delay will be to the Borough.

Thanks for your comment.