Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Matawan Borough Council Workshop 7pm April 10th

There will be a Workshop on Thursday April 10th, at 7pm at the Matawan Municipal Community Center. These workshops are to discuss among the Council members what items will be placed on the Agenda for the next Council meeting.

The Workshops are an opportunity to see and hear for yourself exactly what your Councilpeople are planning to do with your tax dollars. If only this Council would stop all the political posturing and work together for Matawan. But we fear that is a "dog that is not going to run." You see Bunyon and Malley have thrown their hats into the ring for the upcoming Borough Council elections. Has anyone else notice Councilman Malley didn't speak for two years and since Mayor Buccellato has been in office, Malley talks, talks and talks. Not always making sense but he does stop any progress. Bunyon, was the lowest vote getter in the last election and was appointed. However, he does vote the Democratic positions on such items as Borough Attorney, Borough Planner, etc. Whether or not these are the real candidates or will the Democrats do another Bunyon-Cannon switch on us, is yet to be determined.

As for the Agenda, haven't seen anything on the website as yet. Possible items are Recreation Dept monies, the relocation of the Police and possibly the Municipal Court and the ambitious Road Program. Everyone is anxious to hear where the Democrats are getting the monies for all these items. Please don't tell us BONDS! Don't let them kid you, bonds must be paid back and we have yet to hear from Councilman Cannon on the cost for the Road Program over the next few years.

Well folks that's it for now. Hope to see you at the Workshop meeting.


Anonymous said...

For those interesting in some local theatre, Spotlight Players is putting on a show.

Hello Dolly!
Directed by Robert Weinstein

Friday, April 11th at 8PM
April 12th & 13th at 3PM
Sat, April 12th at 8PM

Ticket prices: $18.00 adults $15.00 for students and seniors, includes refreshments.

All performances are at the First Presbyterian Church (lower level), Route 34 and Franklin St. Matawan

Tickets & Information Hotline
(732) 583-7874


Anonymous said...

well then what about the BLUE HOUSE??
why the wait for the planning persons to hold anything special for the public to be able to be there at the same time,they keep holding back,putting it off,the Attorney is who is on the Business tax id as 226 main llc?
only the atorney but he leads back to something else..
any one know?
ok thats all right now...

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Anonymous said...

Just a short comment for all our friends on the other side. The Republicans are running Tom Fitzsimmons (Low vote getter in 2006) and new Buccellato puppet Joe Urbano, who reads Pauls notes very well at the Council Meetings. Objectivity is obviously not one of your strong points Mat Ad. But who would expect anything different from the people that think Mayor Paul is a savior rather than one of the reasons this town is now in the shape it is in. I don't think Malley and Bunyon were on the Council for the past 20 years of Republican rule, were they?

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Anonymous said:

"I don't think Malley and Bunyon were on the Council for the past 20 years of Republican rule, were they?"

I agree with the above, but Cannon was on the Council for 5 years as a republican.

I can only say that the few times I attended a council meeting all I see is the Council majority doing what Mr. Mullaney wants. Talk about puppets!

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