Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Follow up Workshop Meeting 4-10-08

Here are some of the highlights from the meeting and items placed on the Agenda for the next Borough Council meeting.

Summer Camp Fees - $125.00 1st child (Matawan Residents), $100. each additional child in family.
$175.00 1st child (Non-residents), $150. each additional child in family.

Mayor cast the deciding vote as to whether or not the Borough will advertise for Summer Recreation Director. Mayor Buccellato voted no to break the tie and the position will not be advertised.

Marriage License Fees - Mayor requested fees be rescinded.

Fierro Avenue Parking - Residents have issues with a Cafe regarding Valet parking on residential streets. Owner of Cafe will be discussing optional parking with owners of adjacent commercial properties. Safety Officer did a noise assessment when doors are closed. Cafe has agreed to keep doors closed when music is playing. Reports of overcrowding were investigated, yielded no results at the time of visit.

Engineering Fees for Road Program - No mention of Grants for the Road Program. Borough Engineer was not at Workshop. Discussions on reducing Engineering fees will be discussed at the Council meeting when he is present. Note: to date, do not recall receiving any Grants for Road Improvements while Maser Consulting has been Borough Engineering firm.

Recycling - Councilman Malley stated that newspapers delivered to driveways were not always removed by residents and blowing all over the streets. He also mentioned that newspapers were delivered to vacant properties creating unsightly properties. Leaves cannot be left at the curb or bagged for the garbage pick up. Residents should make arrangements to have leaves carted away.

See you at the next Council meeting......


Anonymous said...

Regarding the Fierro Ave & Rt 34 situation and overcrowding. I wish the fire inspection would go to Cafe 34 at Midnight on a Friday night and see the mess that is the area near the Cafe. Cars everywhere they can be squeezed.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if Truth in Matawan is still active? I have enjoyed the different opinions on both sites that help to keep things alive in Matawan. Hope all is well and look forward to a great year in town as long as we can watch our "p"s and "q"s.

matawan advocate said...

Haven't seen any postings from Truth lately. The Blog appeared to be a "one hit wonder" that appeared at election time. Truth has commented on other Blogs, but not his/her own.

"Where in the world is Truth in Matawan?"

Aberdeener said...

Nice job on the redesign.

Haven't heard from T-I-M either. In fact, haven't heard from a number of regulars in the past month. Hope everyone is doing well and just taking a break.

matawan advocate said...

Aberdeener, Thanks, for some reason all the add'l items disappeared. Stlll have to work on it, when time permits.

Think right now with school, kids sports, planning summer camp, etc. alot of readers/posters just don't have the time.

Good to hear from you.