Thursday, April 17, 2008

Is Matawan Going to be the New Aberdeen?

Read a story on the Aberdeener Blog about Scudiery and Aberdeen. A must read for all Matawan residents. It was followed by comments from readers who made us think of Matawan. We understand the plight of the residents of our sister-town. Isn't Scudiery and the Monmouth County Democratic Party (with the assistance of Matawan's Democratic Party) trying to takeover Matawan in the very same way they did Aberdeen? Does anyone remember certain parties storming out of a Planning and Zoning Board meeting when they found out they had to follow the rules like everyone else? Aberdeen has Vinci, Matawan has ???????? Will Matawan be the next conquest for this group? Only if you, the voters let them.

Well, rather than go on and on, as we have accused some of our Council members of doing, if you have a minute, check out the Aberdeener Blog.

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