Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Follow up Workshop Meeting

Thanks to an anonymous source who reported on last night's Workshop meeting we can advise you of what transpired.

Finalization of Recreation Committee Ordinance - Councilman Bunyon stated he gave another copy of the Ordinance to the Rec Committee for their review and comment.

Residential Sewer Backup - Mayor Buccellato stated this matter was resolved.

July 4 Fireworks - Approximate cost $8,000. Fred Carr to prepare a Spreadsheet so Council can decide whether to move ahead with plans.

P/T Assistant Summer Director - Council voted on whether to keep this position or remove. The vote was Bunyon yes, Clifton yes, Mendes yes, Mullaney no. Councilmen Cannon and Malley were absent from the Workshop. Yes was to keep the position. No was to remove the position. Needless to say we are keeping the position.

Memorial Day Parade - As was reported to us, Councilman Mullaney said the Matawan Fire Departments requested to include their memorial services with Matawan Memorial Day services. He also said the Fire Department requested the change in direction of the parade and to change the date, instead of Sunday to Monday.

Recreation Director - Per Councilman Bunyon, two candidates were interviewed and a decision should be forthcoming.

Our source reported that the meeting was poorly attended. The usual supporters of Mayor Buccellato and one of the democrat supporters were present. Hey, we didn't make it but neither did two of our Council members!

We welcome comments from anyone that attended. As always, we welcome your comments regarding any of these issues.


Anonymous said...

NO FIREWORKS! Waste of money

Anonymous said...

The Fire Department requested that the parade route go in the opposite direction???

Thats news to me.

Whoever's idea it was (and I'm told it was a Mullaney idea..which Mullaney you can guess for yourself)its idiocy.

The parade is mostly about the Little Leaguers. So now you're going to have kids as young as 5 or 6 years old walk an already long parade route, only now they're going to do it uphill, into the sun, and have them cross train tracks. And then after the parade is over, instead of having people just walk home or disperse into town, they have to drive to St Clements and try getting out of that parking lot (which anyone who's ever been to Sunday mass can tell you is fun, fun, fun.)


I'll bet you about 8 million dollars that the firemen had nothing to do with it.

Ahhh..life in Mullaneyville.

mrsb said...

What were the reasons given for wanting the parade to run the opposite way?

I for one, as someone who marched last year, parked at the church to get into line at the parade. At the end of the walk, I had to arrange to get back to the church to leave. Either way it runs, parking is an issue for those involved in the parade.

I'm not sure when the parade became "about the Little Leaguers". Besides having many varied groups of kids involved (Scouts and 4-H to name just 2), the parade is about veterans. As someone who has actually walked the parade route, there are places where it's uphill already. I'm sorry, but if the kids can't hack the walk, they should have a way to drop out of the parade halfway. If they are too young to walk it, they need to watch from the sidelines.

And not everyone involved in the parade can "just walk home" at the end. Many parade participants are from Aberdeen and have to go back to where the parade started, no matter what end, to return to their vehicle.

I'm truly not seeing what problem there is whether the parade goes one way, the other way or sideways.

Anonymous said...

I agree, no fireworks. Actually, I don't think there should be any extra-curricular activites. Taxes are too high and we just can't afford it. Necessities only!

matawan advocate said...

anonymous, Undisclosed sources agree the Fire Dept did not ask for the parade route to be changed, as was reported by Councilman Bud Mullaney. Councilman Mullaney's statement was said at a Borough Council meeting. Councilman Kevin Mendes was sitting right next to him and did not disagree. Word on the street is the Recreation Commission (whoever that might be) wanted the route changed. You have renewed our faith in the residents of Matawan and have seen through the nonsense the Council is pulling.

Thanks for your comments.

matawan advocate said...

mrsb, Too much time has been spent on Recreation matters when Matawan faces bigger issues like our Water Filtration System, Redevelopment, etc. As regards the Parade, if it is so much trouble then people shouldn't march. The Parade route has been a traditional one in Matawan. This is just time wasted. If it presents such a problem then don't have a Parade. Matawan could save some money.

Speaking as a parent whose children marched in many parades, we agree, if the kids were too young to walk in the Parade then we all cheered from the sidelines.

Yes, mrsb., you are correct, it is to remember our Veterans and those who paid the ultimate price for the freedom we enjoy.

It should never become a "power struggle" between different groups within Matawan Borough.

Thanks for your comments.

mrsb said...

You are completely right. Something like this should not become a power struggle in the council.

I am curious to know what the original idea is behind switching the route and why it would even constitute any kind of power struggle in the first place.

While I agree that there are many issues that need addressed within the borough, I do believe that having recreation events (within a reasonable price range) are important. They draw people into participating in the community, and hopefully getting them more involved in the workings of the borough.

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me? Why bother to switch the direction of the parade? And as far as I remember Memorial day is to honor our soldiers for giving to us so we could have what we have today!!! Explzin to me what is so hard to understand?

matawan advocate said...

You will be happy to hear the direction of the parade will remain as it has for the last 50 years. So much nonsense causing delays in the Council dealing with important issues. Last night Councilman Bunyon stated the Matawan Police Dept gave its ok. First it was the Fire Dept, then it was the Police Dept. Members of the Recreation Commission were present and remained silent. Makes you wonder why would any group want to delay progress in our Borough.