Thursday, March 29, 2007

Schools Out - "In Need of Improvement"

A recent Letter to the Editor in The Independent from a Matawan resident urged residents to vote for Larry O'Connell. Why isn't Mr. O'Connell discussing his record? Fact is the District SAT scores for the last 3 years show below State average. This is the guide Colleges use for admission. Matawan Aberdeen Middle School did not make adequate progress in 2005-2006. This school has been identified as "in need of improvement" for 2006-2007 by the State Board of Education. That explains why he isn't discussing his record.

The facts clearly shows its time for a change.

While we may balk at teachers salaries and benefits, they are molding the minds of our most precious resource, our children. A dedicated teacher is worth their weight in gold. Why not apply this same thinking to our Board of Education? Sheila Flamm is running for the Board of Education opposing Larry O'Connell. Well educated and aware of the situations challenging our school system (her children attend Matawan schools), Sheila would bring a fresh approach to the Bd of Ed.

This blog, unlike the Letter to the Editor referenced, doesn't chastise the 90% who don't vote the Board of Education elections. They are the hard working people who are too busy earning a living paying high property taxes, possibly paying tuition to private schools (not having faith in the public school system) and so tired at the end of the day that they become apathetic. Encourage, inspire and motivate these people to get out and vote. If they need someone to drive them, volunteer, if they need someone to watch their children, offer to help, if their dog needs to be walked (as long as the dog isn't bigger than you) offer to walk the dog while they go and vote! Let's change the mind set from let the other guy do I can make the time to vote.

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